Rockport Counter



The Rockport Counter provides a counter with shelving solution that is completely custom branded, including the reverse and the shelves. The display can be used as either a counter or as a shelving solution, or both depending on where its positioned.

To build the counter slide the two central pieces slide together to create the frame for the counter. The front panel wraps around this, with the central frame panels fitting into the grooves on the reverse of the front panel. The shelves slot into the frame and front panel via the cuts, angle the cut outs together and push until firmly in place. This will hold the counter together. The counter top has pre-cut holes on the underneath, these fit onto the tabs on the top of the counter, push down gently until in place. Use the supplied plastic screws underneath the countertop to secure the top.


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Rockport Counter can be found here