Celtic Exhibition Display Counter



The Celtic Counter is available in 2 sizes; 1500mm and 2000mm wide x 1100mm high, both providing a large, robust exhibition counter that is completely custom printed with your branding. The counter is also supplied with 2 large shelves at the reverse, perfect for storage and keeping your exhibition stand tidy. The Xanita fiberboard used to manufacture the Celtic Counter is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

All parts for assembly are provided with each counter purchased. Connect the front panel to the left and right sides by feeding the bolts through the pre-drilled holes and tightening. These bolts connect top, middle and bottom of the counter. The shelves slide onto the central counter support panel by the cut outs in the shelves and panel. Gently push the shelves until they sit flush with the front of the central panel edge. The tabs at the back of the shelves and central panel connect to the reverse side of counter front in the pre-cut slots. Where the front and side panels connect together fit neatly into the cut outs in the sides of shelves. This also helps to create and keep the counter shape. The ends of the side panels fold around and grip onto the shelves via the cut outs, gently push these into place until secure. The underside of the top fits into the space created at the top of the counter. No tools or additional fittings are required.


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Celtic Counter can be found here