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Acoustic Wall Panels

When manufacturing Acoustic Wall Panels, we design each to become a mainstay for many years to come. This means using high quality materials to create boards that continue to be effective at absorbing sound well into the future. The same goes for the fabric, which helps to protect against fraying and unnecessary damage, thereby guaranteeing the longevity of the Acoustic Wall Panels.

The acoustic absorbent foam having a close cell structure within the panel works by soaking up reverberating sound waves within a room. While soft surfaces such as carpets and partitions can help with this, Acoustic Wall Panels excel as they are able to cover a wider surface area. This helps to reduce the volume levels of noisy conversations and background noise by softening hard wall surfaces. As a result, the Acoustic Wall Panels help to create a calmer atmosphere which is more pleasant for users.

We provide a variety of options with the Acoustic Wall Panels to help them to seamlessly integrate with your environment. With fabric covered wall panels, these are available in a variety of different sizes and can be customised with an array of fabric colours on offer. Meanwhile, the decorative acoustic wall panels provide a unique option which also submerges the acoustic characteristics into a picture board. If you have a unique idea in mind, then we would more than happy to help, simply give us a call on 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to sales@go-displays.co.uk.

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