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  1. 2m x 2m Streamline Exhibition Bundle
    £822.00 £986.40 £822.00
  2. 3m x 3m Exhibition Stand Bundle
    £1,122.00 £1,346.40 £1,122.00
  3. 2m x 4m L Shape Pop Up Bundle
    £1,107.00 £1,328.40 £1,107.00
  4. 3m x 4m Exhibition Stand Bundle
    £1,268.00 £1,521.60 £1,268.00
  5. 4m x 6m Pop Up Bundle
    £2,862.00 £3,434.40 £2,862.00
  6. 4m x 4m Streamline Exhibition Bundle
    £1,345.00 £1,614.00 £1,345.00
  7. 3m x 4m U Shape Pop Up Bundle
    £1,563.00 £1,875.60 £1,563.00
  8. 3m Streamline Display Stand Bundle
    £848.00 £1,017.60 £848.00
  9. 4m Streamline Display Stand Bundle
    £939.00 £1,126.80 £939.00
  10. 3m x 3m U-Shape Exhibition Bundle
    £1,480.00 £1,776.00 £1,480.00
  11. 3m x 6m C Exhibition Bundle
    £1,056.00 £1,267.20 £1,056.00
  12. 2m x 3m Streamline Exhibition Bundle
    £811.00 £973.20 £811.00
  13. 4m x 5m L-Shape Pop Up Bundle
    £1,606.00 £1,927.20 £1,606.00
  14. 3m x 6m Wave Exhibition Bundle
    £1,538.00 £1,845.60 £1,538.00
  15. 3m x 5m Exhibition Stand Bundle
    £1,601.00 £1,921.20 £1,601.00
  16. 3m x 5m L-Shape Pop Up Bundle
    £1,321.00 £1,585.20 £1,321.00
  17. 2m x 3m Modular Exhibition Stand
    £1,677.00 £2,012.40 £1,677.00
  18. 3m x 4m Modular Exhibition Stand
    £3,689.00 £4,426.80 £3,689.00
  19. 6m x 6m Cross Exhibition Stand
    £5,049.00 £6,058.80 £5,049.00
  20. 4m x 8m U Shape Exhibition Stand
    £6,377.00 £7,652.40 £6,377.00
  21. Tex-Flex Circular Hanging Exhibition Sign
    £715.00 £858.00 £715.00
  22. Tex-Flex Square Hanging Exhibition Sign
    £851.00 £1,021.20 £851.00
  23. 10m x 10m Streamline Exhibition Stand
    £6,268.00 £7,521.60 £6,268.00
  24. 10m x 10m Pop Up Room Exhibition Stand
    £9,475.00 £11,370.00 £9,475.00
  25. 4m x 4m Modular Exhibition Stand
    £3,141.00 £3,769.20 £3,141.00
  26. 10m x 10m Streamline L shape Exhibition Stand
    £7,777.00 £9,332.40 £7,777.00
  27. Pro-Hire 5m x 5m Modular Exhibition Stand
    £3,898.00 £4,677.60 £3,898.00
  28. Pro-Hire 3m x 6m Modular Exhibition Stand
    £2,200.00 £2,640.00 £2,200.00
  29. Pro-Hire 2m x 6m Back Wall Exhibition Stand
    £2,081.00 £2,497.20 £2,081.00
  30. Pro-Hire 4m x 5m L Shape Exhibition Stand
    £4,238.00 £5,085.60 £4,238.00
  31. Pro-Hire 3m x 6m U Shape Exhibition Stand
    £4,641.00 £5,569.20 £4,641.00
  32. Pro-Hire 3m x 3m U Shape Exhibition Stand
    £2,200.00 £2,640.00 £2,200.00
  33. Pro- Hire 4m x 5m Modular Exhibition Stand
    £4,770.00 £5,724.00 £4,770.00
  34. Pro-Hire 4m x 9m U Shape Exhibition Stand
    £5,977.00 £7,172.40 £5,977.00
  35. 10m x 10m Jumbo Exhibition Stand
    £13,044.00 £15,652.80 £13,044.00
  36. Pro-Hire 3m x 3m Exhibition Stand Cubical
    £3,091.00 £3,709.20 £3,091.00
  37. Pro-Hire 4m x 5m U Shape Exhibition Stand
    £5,917.00 £7,100.40 £5,917.00
  38. Pro-Hire 5m x 5m L Shape Exhibition Stand
    £3,873.00 £4,647.60 £3,873.00
  39. 3m x 3m Modular Exhibition Stand
    £1,991.00 £2,389.20 £1,991.00
  40. 2m x 4m Streamline Exhibition Stand
    £1,647.00 £1,976.40 £1,647.00
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Streamline Exhibition Stands

Modular Exhibition Stands from Go Displays

All our Modular Exhibition Stands are manufactured bespoke, here at Go Displays. Because of this, we will help to guide and shape your ideal exhibition stand using high-quality materials creating a display which not only looks exceptional, but is designed to last for multiple events. This quality guarantee extends from the framework right down to the graphic panels as we only use pigment-based ink to create a rich finish.

We provide a variety of options when it comes to our modular exhibition stands, but ultimately, we like to give you option to shape it as you see fit. Our Streamline exhibition stand provides the foundations for your display, but can be shaped to your stand and your brand. Meanwhile, our custom-built exhibition stands are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

If you have a unique idea in mind and are struggling to find the right option on our site, then it's best to get in touch with one of our experienced advisors. You can reach them by calling 01733 232000 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. From there, they can run you through our bespoke options and work with you to generate a quote for your ideal exhibition stand.

Need help designing your Modular Exhibition Stand?

As well as the manufacturing of the modular exhibition stands, we also have a team of experienced graphic designers on hand to help create bespoke artwork for every display. With our graphic design service, we will work with you to develop your ideas and integrate them into the design of your modular exhibition stand. All our designs are moulded to the shape, size and layout of every display.

Each of our graphic designers has extensive experience working with exhibition stands both large and small. Therefore, they are able to combine your vision for the display with their own creative finesse to create a modular exhibition stand which is guaranteed to catch the eye once it is set up at your event. We will work with you through a variety of options to ensure your modular exhibition stand features the perfect design.

If you are interested in utilising this when creating your own modular exhibition stand, then please let us know. Alternatively, if you wish to find out more information of what is involved, then pop an e-mail over to [email protected] for a detailed outline.

easiglow lightbox exhibition stands from Go Displays

International Delivery Available