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Display boards and display panels are heavily used in schools and education sectors as there’s always plenty of pupil work or information to display throughout the school. Loop nylon display boards provide an effective surface that allows the attachment of small and large artwork or notices for many occasions.

School & Education Display Panels

The standard display use of the folding display board or panel and pole display board is often used in open spaces such a receptions areas where parents and teachers can be found. Being able to regularly change the printed media and ensure the messages are up to date is an important factor, and with the help of the loop nylon fabric, the notices can easily be added and pulled away to remove.

Display boards are great additions to a class room acting as a teaching tool and successfully displaying attractive and eye catching material to keep children engaged. However, on a larger scale, modular panel and pole panels can create large displays for exhibitions and school displays to professionally display student work for showcasing and coursework purposes.

What’s more, the light weight structure of the boards, ensures the same display board kit can be used in the classroom as well as for the exhibition. Display the panels landscape and portrait to maximise the display possibilities.

Educational settings are fast paced, with students and teachers constantly on the move. As the need changes, it’s important that you have the right equipment that can change and adapt alongside you. Portable room dividers have a concertina design, with fitted castor wheels for a smooth transition between spaces and support an adaptive environment.

Teamed with the right finish, partition screens can be a credit to a school. Many of the suitable room dividers for an educational setting effectively divide open space whilst providing another benefit.

  • Loop nylon portable panels can be used to divide and create displays as the Velcro-friendly material makes it possible to attach lightweight posters.
  • White gloss laminate partition dividers accept drywipe pens, enabling extra space for teacher notes. The laminate material is also easy to clean and suitable for use in medical rooms. 
  • Printed portable partitions can display any artwork to accentuate a learning space. For example, the Mobi Printed Portable Room Divider has some pre-design artwork for early learning areas to assist with colours, counting and learning the alphabet. 

School portable room dividers and display panels