Rockport Tradeshow Counter

How to assemble the Rockport Tradeshow Counter

  • Take the internal inserts of the exhibition counter and slot the smaller insert in to the larger insert, using the designated central slots.
  • Once the central structure has been made, take the front/side panel and wrap around the central structure.
  • Take 1 of the shelves, and line up with the 2 outer panels and central insert. The cut outs will line up allowing you to push the shelf into position. 
  • Repeat the same process with the top shelf and slot into position.
  • To complete the Rockport Tradeshow Counter, attach the counter top to the tabs which are pointing up right.
  • Finally, secure the top with the supplied screws. You'll find a folded tab located on the left and right side.

View the full PDF assembly guide for the Rockport Tradeshow Counter. For more product details for the Rockport Counter - click here.

How to create artwork for the Rockport Tradeshow Counter