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Celtic Eco-friendly Exhibition Counter

How to assemble the Celtic Exhibition Counter

  • Take the front panel & 1 side panel standing them up right.  
  • Connect the joining tabs together and tighten in place with the screw and washers. Repeat on both sides.
  • Take the centre panel and slot in both shelves.
  • Position the assembled shelf section in to the cuts outs on the front panel.
  • Where you have joined the side and centre panel, slide this into the cut outs on the side of the shelf. Complete on both sides
  • Bring both of the end panels around and bend the end tab and slot into place on the shelf.
  • Add the counter top on to the counter. No screws or fixings required.

View the full PDF guide for the Celtic Exhibition Counter. For full product details for Celtic Counter - click here. 

How to create artwork for the Celtic Counter