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  1. E-Cube Straight Midi Display Stand
    £83.00 £99.60 £83.00
  2. E-Cube Straight Standard Display Stand
    £114.00 £136.80 £114.00
  3. E-Cube Straight Jumbo Display Stand
    £140.00 £168.00 £140.00
  4. E-Cube Replacement Panels
    £52.00 £62.40 £52.00
  5. Double sided replacement panels, complete with custom print.
    E-Cube Double Sided Replacement Panels
    £104.00 £124.80 £104.00
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Eco-friendly displays made with Xanita from Go Displays

E-Cube Display Stands

We’ve taken an everyday material and turned it in to an exhibition staple. Having the tools and resources to create such fantastic products with an eco-friendly material has enabled us to broaden our design horizons, with the release of the E-Cube Display Stand Range.

The E-Cube range is a sustainable take on popular display stands, offering an alternate option for those who are searching for a sustainable unit. Our product name gives a clear indication of how the stand works – we’ve used cubes.

Cardboard cubes have been securely stacked in order to create a Midi, Standard and Jumbo height display with a wide range of widths. Your custom printed panels are also cardboard and simply slot into place, making the cubes and panels a complete unit.

The E-Cube ticks all the boxes when it comes to design, style and eco credentials. Utilise the printed panels to advertise and promote your key business features whilst showing you’re environmentally conscious. Make the decision to reuse or recycle, with the option of replacing the printed graphics for your next event.

Due to the modular cube system, you have the freedom to create a range of stand widths and configurations to suit your exhibition requirements.