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Button Feet

Dispatched within 24 hours

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Go Displays.
Quick and simple to assemble and easy to use.
Button Feet are suitable for use with all of our Morton & Budget Partition Screens.
When using the Button Feet, please add 25mm onto the screen height to allow for the feet.
This set includes two Button Feet (one set required per screen).
Button Feet can only be used with screens that are self-supporting.
If you require further information please call us on 01733 232000.
Still not convinced? Come along to our showroom in Peterborough to see for yourself!

Dispatched within 24 hours Compatible with our Morton Screen range Compatible with our Budget Screen range Compatible with our Delta Screen range
£21.00 £17.50

The Set of Button Feet are designed to minimise the amount of space taken up by your partition screen. If the screen you select is self-supporting, then the Button Feet can be a great addition to preserve the quality of your screen. The set includes two Button Feet which is all you will need for one partition screen. The design of these means that they are suitable for use with our Morton and Budget Partition Screens.

The Set of Button Feet provide your partition screen with enough leverage off of the floor to provide protection to the bottom side of the panel. The feet themselves simply screw into the slots at the bottom of your partition screen so they are very easy to set up. Please remember that these are only suitable for self-supporting screens, so if you choose to set yours up to be freestanding, we highly recommend that you do not use Button Feet.

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