3 Features Everyone Should Be Using With Custom Made Stands

Custom made display stands are the natural progression from using traditional Pop Up Stands. Tailored for experienced exhibitors, these display stands provide far more flexibility and potential for businesses to achieve more from exhibitions. When attending events, you can often expect to see the same style of stand throughout much of the show floor. Pop up stands and roller banners are tried and tested tools which can offer a solid return; low risk and a mediocre reward. However, large exhibitions in particular are attended by leading figures from major organisations in the industry. Securing an agreement with one of these can trigger substantial growth for your business.

While it is true that a custom made exhibition display stand is going to require a bigger commitment from your budget, they do offer the opportunity to create a tool which stands you out against the competition. When you consider that many of the individuals in attendance will already have meetings booked and a few stands in mind, it is nigh-on impossible that they will be able to stop and chat with every stall. By creating a unique stand, you're making a statement as to why they should talk to you.

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How to use a simple hook to attract people to you

What traditional exhibition stands truly lack is a significant way of pulling new potential clients in. While they can highlight your brand to people who may recognise it, they often lack a way of actively engaging with people who do not. Some designs may begin to integrate monitors to provide a visual representation of the work that they do. While others often take a more innovative approach. The tactic you take is often dependent on the service which you provide. Obviously, a video may have more impact for a company which sells luxury cruises as opposed to another which manufactures the nuts and bolts for the ship.

The encouragement here is to get creative. Exhibition stands, particularly custom ones are not something which you can conjure together in a few days. To make the most of attending an exhibition; planning and at the very least thinking about the stand should be done months in advance. If your product or service is particularly niche, find ways to explain it simply and in just a few minutes. Exhibitions are all about extracting the key points and placing them in front of everybody. If everything you do is conveniently summed up in a couple of lines, then there is very little reason why they cannot be quickly consumed as people walk by your stand

Making the Display Stand manageable

Once you begin looking at custom made display stands, you start entering the realm of these behemoth-like structures. These are designed to quite literally stand above everyone else. One side of exhibitions that many people do not consider is the hordes of people who descend on the show floor a few days beforehand to set up most of these display stands. Unless you are a large organisation or are prepared to offset some of the budget for these kinds of logistics, then it is important to take the practicality of the display stand into consideration before you commit.

Custom made display stands come in all different shapes and sizes, obviously; so, if you are looking at some with large metal panels but only have a team of three people, then a bit more investigation is required. Fortunately, there are a lot of manufacturers out there who produce custom stands which are tailored towards smaller teams. Without compromising on size, they often feature innovative components which allowing them to neatly pack away into convenient cases. In the long term, this has additional benefits. The individual components can be re-utilised at different events, thereby ensuring your budget can stretch further throughout the year.

Grasp the opportunity to shine

Custom made display stands offer the opportunity to create something truly unique. Simple design decisions can prove to be the difference when attempting to attract attention towards your exhibition stand. Any great stand will have exemplary graphic design at the core with the organisation’s branding right at the forefront. Rather than simply adding it to the backdrop, consider spreading it around other elements such as promotional counters or banner stands at the front of the stand.

Consider the nature of your business; what do you do, and how do you achieve it? It is these factors which prospective clients will want to hear about initially, not the technical, nitty gritty details. Exhibitions ultimately provide access to an audience which you may not have been able to reach before with traditional channels. So, make the most of the opportunity to make a great first impression with industry professionals. Even if you are not making sales on the day, there is a great deal of potential for acquiring contacts and setting up possibilities for further along the road.


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