Acoustic Office Pod


The Acoustic Office Pod offers a unique solution for managing busy, open offices. Every office pod has been designed to create private working areas within open environments. At the core of the design are acoustic screens which have been proven to absorb ambient background noise. This is ideal for establishing private spaces which can be used for meetings, group work, interviews and more.

What makes the Acoustic Office Pod unique is its ability to allow the office to be flexible. There is no need for permanent conference rooms which come with inevitable disruption when created. Instead, the Acoustic Office Pod is easy to install and can be moved and modified as the office evolves. Thus, this enables the open office to adapt and change when required, with minimal disruption caused to the employees and the business.

With Go Displays, every Acoustic Office Pod is made bespoke. Standard sizes and specifications can be found below; however, you can contact us to discuss an office pod which is tailored to the space which you have available. We design and manufacture our acoustic office pods in the UK and with each, we provide a five-year manufacturer's guarantee.

For further information on the Acoustic Office Pod or for detailed advice; please call 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to

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The main purpose of an Acoustic Office Pod is to create a private environment which can be used for a variety of activities. With acoustic foam integrated within the panels, an Acoustic Office Pod provides an escape from any office. The result is a setting which provides space to think and focus, where meetings can take place in peace or group activities can be conducted without interruption.

We offer a variety of modern designs which can be further customised with a variety of fabric colours as well as the option to include glazed screens to allow natural light to flow through. This ensures the Acoustic Office Pod can slot into any existing office environment without the need for further changes. The setup method for an Acoustic Office Pod has been optimised, which ensures minimal disruption is caused during installation.

By manufacturing each Acoustic Office Pod at our site in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, we can guarantee the quality of every pod which leaves our factory. Every panel is compressed using immense pressure, which ensures that every section is extremely resilient. Then, the framework is constructed with aluminium, finishing off an Acoustic Office Pod which is designed to last.

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