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Set of Easyfix Desk Clamps

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  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Go Displays.
  • Quick and simple to assemble and easy to use.
  • The Easyfix Desk Clamps are suitable for use with all of our Desk Office Screens.
  • Available in three different colours - Grey, Black & Silver.
  • Desk Clamps require 33mm clearance under the desktop to ensure a secure fitting.
  • This set includes two Easyfix Desk Clamps (one set required per screen).
Dispatched within 24 hours Compatible with our Omega Screen range Compatible with our Morton Desktop range
£21.60 £18.00

The Easyfix Desk Clamps ensure that your partition screens remain safe and secure once you have set them up. These simply slide into the bottom of the screen and tighten the clamp using the key included. We produce a variety of different sizes, so you can pick out the clamp which best fits the design of your desk. They are available in 16-32mm thickness, 33-49mm thickness, 51-68mm thickness and 71-88mm thickness.

The Easyfix Desk Clamps ensure that your partition screens are secure once you have set them in place. We manufacture them in three different colours; grey, black and silver, so be sure to pick out the colour which matches with the framework of your partition screens. There are two Easyfix Desk Clamps included in the bundle and that is all you will need to attach one screen to your desk.

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