Bespoke Xanita Displays

Xanita board allows us to create completely bespoke exhibition stands without compromising on both the quality and your design brief. The capabilities of Xanita means we can take your display idea, no matter how extreme, and work together with you to provide your unique, custom-made display that showcases your business with that added wow-factor. There are limitless possibilities to what you can create with Xanita, and for an Event Organiser, whether you're looking to present your own business and event or provide your exhibitors each with a unique display stand. 

The stands manufactured using Xanita also tick that Eco box more and more companies are looking to fill, without needing to compromise on the quality. The fibre board itself is manufactured from recycled materials, and can be recycled after use. The board is both lightweight and strong, being able to take the weight of a standard car. When compared to the usual MDF exhibition stands, Xanita is not only better for the environment, lower on cost, lighter but also more sustainable. 

Xanita Exhibition Displays

When ordering a Xanita bespoke display, you'll work closely with our product designer and account manager to create your perfect display. We use the latest design and manufacturing technologies to test the limits of the product, and are always discovering new and exciting capabilities. Where many companies may struggle to provide a curved display or quirky shape, we love to take on the challenge. From product replicas, life-size animals, trees, 3D letters, buildings, product display stands, exhibition counters and many more, the possibilities are endless. 

Xanita can be used to create any type of display; from product replicas, life size animals, trees and much more

  • No compromise on your design - create it exactly how you want
  • Xanita board allows us to create any kind of displayLightweight but strong fibre board display
  • Same capabilities as MDF but eco-friendly
  • Lower cost to you and better for the environment
  • Create curves and rounded shapes with ease
  • Limitless display options 
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • No compromise on quality
  • Use our in-house designers to create your unique stand
  • Printed in-house to provide a high quality display
  • Can hold extreme weight - tested to hold a standard car

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