Understanding Your Shell Scheme Graphics



Whether you’re a first timer or a frequent exhibitor purchasing the right graphic panels for your shell scheme can be confusing. It’s a common misunderstanding that all shell schemes panels are the same size and spec, but this isn’t the case. There are many shell scheme manufacturers who supply to different exhibition organisers, and this can impact the graphic size you require for your stand. You can often find the size of graphic panels required in the shell scheme specification provided to you by the exhibition organiser in your exhibitor pack. We’ve created our Understanding Shell Scheme Graphics video to help you easily choose the finish, fittings and panel size you require. Our team are also on hand to help with choosing the right option for your shell scheme. 

As a manufacturer we offer 2 different finishes depending on which look you'd prefer to create; standard or seamless. The standard finish is the most popular choice and the graphic panels provided fit into the spaces between each of the shell scheme frame, meaning that the shell scheme poles will be visible between the panels, breaking up the design. The seamless finish provides the panels at the size to the centre of the shell scheme poles between each panel, so that the graphic panel sits on top of the frame and creates a cotinuous design, the often preferred option if you have plan to have a large image running across one wall of the shell scheme. 

We also offer 2 different media options; 4.5mm natural cardboard or 350-micron stoplight rollable media. Both options are available with hook and loop tape to make attaching the graphic panels to your shell scheme quick and easy. The rollable graphics provide a re-usable, high quality finish that can be easily rolled up and stored away ready for your next event. The Natural cardboard panels offer an eco-friendly, recycable alternative at a lower cost, perfect if you're planning on attending 1 show or are simply environmentally conscious. 

The video provides answers to our most frequently asked questions about Shell Scheme panels, covering what size panels are required, what to look out for when ordering, how to install and store the panels, and if the panels can be re-used.

We've also created a helpful step-by-step guide on how to order your shell scheme graphics which is available to view here