Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands

The Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand has been designed with endless configurations, therefore being a staple piece of event equipment. High quality frames and scuff resistant printed graphic panels are part of the package and result in a long term display solution that can work with your business as you continue to change and grow.

A modular stand design allows regular changes whether that be in size of a total reconfiguration. Constructable as an L shape, Back Wall or U shape stand all of which are professional and showcase the sleek design of the Exhibit Stand. But the design possibilities don’t stop there, you’re able to create a bespoke layout to work with the available space and the current design focus.

As the assembly video details, the Exhibit Panels are lightweight and provided in individual boxes that layout each crossbar and frame section. By supplying the modular panels in a simple yet effective way, the panels are easy to understand, assemble and construct into the ideal shape. The assembly video demonstrates the assembly of a single panel, the connect of for a straight configuration as well as an L shape using the required brackets.

For more details on the entire modular Exhibit display range, view the pre-designed bundles and 3 in 1 kits.

A PDF copy of the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand assembly can be found here