Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand - Storage Cupboard

The main focus of the Exhibit Exhibition Stand is the modular aspect and how it’s possible to change the design using the modular panels or by incorporating a showstopping accessory. Using the available floor space to the full potential is the aim of your stand, and including a storage cupboard with the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand is a great place to start.

We understand when adding an exhibition storage cupboard that a portion of the stand space is hidden but that can also be used to your benefit. Not only will the addition of a storage cupboard enhance the overall stand design but the space is still usable and can be incredible helpful.

After assembly is complete you’ll be left with boxes, packaging and personal belongings on show and can be hard to disguise. The storage cupboard feature can easily hold boxes, personal items and any promotional materials you’ve brought for the day. By allocating a small space to storage, the stand space is free of clutter and unwanted items, resulting in an open, approachable space.

What’s more, printed graphics are fitted to the side, back and door areas to ensure the design is consistent and coherent with the rest of the display stand.

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View the PDF assembly guide for the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand Storage Cupboard