How to Assemble the Eco Banner



Our range of Eco Banner Stands produce a bold, impactful banner solution that's also eco-friendly, lightweight and easy to use. The banners within the range, including the Eco Banner, Stage Banner and Desktop Eco Banner, are manufactured using 10mm & 16mm Xanita fibreboard, making the banner 100% recyclable and re-usable.

The 3-step assembly process is so quick and easy to follow, it'll take you seconds to have the banner set up and ready to showcase your brand. After unfolding the base/feet section, unfold the large printed section of the banner and fold along the central V notch to create the angled banner shape. Insert the pre-cut slots on the large banner section into the slots on the base section and gently push into place until the bottom of the banner fits flush with the base to keep the banner secure. 


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Eco Banners can be found here