Delta Acoustic Screens



The Delta Acoustic Office Dividers are our most expressive office screens with an array of shapes and colours to amplify office design. Similar to the Nova Office Partitions, the Delta Screens use a double layer of 12mm acoustic foam which are most effective in loud environments, where noise can be absorbed and lowered. Acoustic office screens are a popular choice for loud spaces, as the combination of foam and fabric work together to lower noise volumes.

What makes the Delta Acoustic Office Dividers unique is the available shapes and fabric patterns. The Delta cloud has the same specifications as the rest of the range but comes supplied in the shape of a cloud. The clever design allows each cloud screen to fit perfectly with the next, regardless of height.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a block colour fabric, the Delta Velvet Office Dividers, stands out from the crowd. The Delta Velvet dividers are upholstered with an incredibly soft fabric, which feels just like velvet. The soft touch fabric has a patterned finish and we’ve been sure to provide modern, professional, fun and child friendly designs to ensure the velvet screen can work with different businesses.

Cloud, curved, straight and wave top Delta Office Dividers are part of the range, as well as the Delta Acoustic Desktop Divider. Adding dividers to a desktop helps shield and contain noise into individual desk spaces and introduces more privacy to each desk.

Installation of all freestanding styles and desktop dividers is quick and easy. You’ll receive stability feet for the freestanding screens, unless you’ve upgraded to castors wheel for a portable partition. The desktop dividers have upgrade easy fix clamps available which ensure the panels are fitted within minutes.

View the PDF assembly guide for the Delta Office Dividers