Cascade Leaflet Dispenser



The Cascade Leaflet Dispenser has a sharp, unique design with completely branded sides and base, giving you a stand bespoke to your company. Supplied with 4 A4 portrait shelves providing ample space for displaying and holding your marketing materials. The outer sides and base of the stand can be printed with your design so that your complete stand is inclusive of your company logo and artwork.  

Assembly of the Cascade Leaflet Dispenser is quick and easy, with no tools required. Form the base of the stand by folding the front and back down with the slots on the side facing upwards. Slot the first side (with the print facing outwards) so that the cut out channels connect with the cut outs in the base. Repeat this step with the second side. The shelves slot into the pre-cut channel from the back of the stand with the wider section facing the top and the sides sliding into the grooves of the side panels. Repeat this for all 4 shelves. Insert the white stoppers into the pre-drilled holes in the front of the shelves to keep any literature on the shelves. 


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Cascade Leaflet Dispenser can be found here