Aztec Exhibition Counter



Our most popular exhibition counter, the Aztec counter is compact, lightweight and easy to assemble. The counter is complete with shelving at the reverse, an angled design to reduce the floorspace it occupies and full branding on the front, sides and top of the display. Manufactured from Xanita fiberboard this not only produces a cost effective solution but also an eco-friendly, recyclable option.

For assembly simply fold sides of the counter round and bend the front using the v notch to create the shape. Insert the shelves into the central structure panel, attach the sides of the shelves into the sides of the counter connecting the pre-cut slots. Gently push the shelf into place until it sits flush. repeat with top shelf. The shelves help to creates counter shape and structure. The counter top slots into place using pre-drilled holes. Use provided screws to fix the counter top into place.


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Aztec Counter can be found here