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  1. 2m High Streamline Pop Up Exhibition Stands
    £358.00 £429.60 £358.00
  2. 6m Wide Streamline Pop Up Exhibition Stand
    £887.00 £1,064.40 £887.00
  3. 7m Wide Streamline Exhibition Stand
    £989.00 £1,186.80 £989.00
  4. 8m Wide Streamline Pop Up Display Stand
    £1,164.00 £1,396.80 £1,164.00
  5. 3m Streamline Pop Up Display Stand Bundle
    £876.00 £1,051.20 £876.00
  6. 4m x 4m Streamline Pop Up Exhibition Bundle
    £1,345.00 £1,614.00 £1,345.00
  7. 4m Streamline Pop Up Display Stand Bundle
    £921.00 £1,105.20 £921.00
  8. 2m x 3m Streamline Pop Up Exhibition Bundle
    £811.00 £973.20 £811.00
  9. Streamline Monitor Stand
    £65.00 £78.00 £65.00
  10. Streamline Replacement Graphics
    £68.00 £81.60 £68.00
  11. Streamline Stand Acrylic Top
    £12.00 £14.40 £12.00
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19 Items

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streamline review from Roe Ltd for Go Displays
made in the uk
Why Buy a Streamline Display Stand?

The deluxe Streamline display stand delivers a sleek and stylish way to exhibit which is also extremely versatile. With every graphic panel included with the display, we print onto 350-micron stoplight film and laminate with 125-micron laminate to create a professional and elegant finish. To keep the polished style consistent, these displays are fitted with black bases and chrome caps. The simple pole design makes travelling from event to event as easy as possible.

By producing every part of the Streamline exhibition stand in-house at our factory, we can tailor make the display stand to suit the layout of the space you have available. It also allows us to ensure that all the products we produce are of the highest quality so yours can make the optimal impact. We have designed the Streamline to be as simple to set up as possible, which is why it is simply a case of setting up the poles and using the magnetic strips to apply the graphics.

The Streamline is designed to excel with any presentation you need to make whether it is at a trade show, an exhibition, an educational establishment or even in a shopping centre. The flexible design means it can adapt to any space you have available whether you require a straight, curved or completely circular stand.

If you would like to know more about the capabilities of the Streamline exhibition stand or you would like to discuss a design you have in mind, then please get in contact with our team of advisors who can help you with your bespoke design. You can reach them by calling 01733 232000 or by e-mailing [email protected]

Why use Streamline Exhibition Stands?

Streamline Exhibition Stands are the ultimate way of promoting your business or organisation when exhibiting. From the moment you submit your order and artwork for the Streamline Exhibition Stands, we are committed to dispatching your item to you within 72 hours, so you can order on Monday and have your Streamline Exhibition Stands before the weekend. We manufacture, print and laminate all of our Streamline Exhibition Stands at our site in Peterborough.

Our Streamline Exhibition Stands are designed specifically to utilise all of the space you have available. By using lightweight bases and poles, you can mould your Streamline Exhibition Stands into any form you wish, including curved, straight or even a fully circular design. The last thing you want when marketing your business is to be fiddling around with the Streamline Exhibition Stands, which is why we fit the graphic and poles with magnetic strips. Simply set up the poles, hook on the graphic, press together and you are done setting up your Streamline Exhibition Stands!

Whether you are presenting at exhibitions, trade shows, educational establishments or even shopping centres, the Streamline Exhibition Stands provide a great way to promote your organisation.

Need help designing your Streamline Display Stand?

To get the most out of your Streamline Exhibition Stands we offer our own complete Graphic Design service that is available to all of our customers. Whether you have artwork already or just an idea, we can help to produce a design for your Streamline Exhibition Stands that promotes your business in the most efficient way. We understand that getting the right design for the Streamline Exhibition Stands can be stressful, especially if you don't have a team of designers. Our aim is to take the strain off by working with you to create your ideal Streamline Exhibition Stands.

If you are struggling for an idea, we offer a range of templates for the Streamline Exhibition Stands for you to choose from. All you need to do is provide your logo, text of choice, some images and we will finish the rest of the Streamline Exhibition Stands for you.

Even if you are struggling for image ideas for your Streamline Exhibition Stands or what you have currently is not a sufficient resolution, our Graphic Design service includes an extensive image library with a variety of images for all sectors which can be used on any of our Streamline Exhibition Stands.Multi-Fix Exhibition Stands

International Delivery Available