Shell Scheme Graphics

Shell Scheme Graphics

What are Shell Scheme Graphic Panels?

When signing up to exhibit at an exhibition you're often given the option of an exhibition space that is either shell scheme or space only. The Shell Scheme option provides you with a walled structure, usually with either plain white or fabric panels, that you can then attach your own printed graphic panels to. The layout of the Shell Scheme changes depending on the option you have chosen but are usually offered as either 1 wall (3 open sides), 2 walls (L Shape or 2 open sides) or 3 walls (U Shape or 1 open side). This will determine how many graphic panels are required to cover all the panels of the shell scheme you have booked. The sizes for Shell Scheme, like space only plots, are usually measured in metres (or sometimes 1/2 metres) for example 3m x 3m with 2 open sides would require 6 graphic panels. 

Shell Scheme Graphics are usually supplied as a rollable media, meaning that the graphics are easy to roll up to store and transport. Attaching to the Shell Scheme structure itself is easy and can be done with either hook and loop fastenings or magnetic tape. Our Shell Scheme graphics can be provided with either of these options already attached to the reverse of the panels for ease, or can also be purchased without any fittings if required. 

With Shell Scheme Panels there are two options with the finished look, the standard visible area finish or the seamless finish. The visible area finish provides panels that fit in between the poles of the shell scheme that separate out the panels of the walls. This measurement on the Shell Scheme specification from the event organiser would be shown as the visible area of the shell scheme board. The second option is for a seamless finish, where we supply the graphics to the measurement on the same sepcification labelled as 'size to the centre of the pole' which allows for the graphics to be applied on top of the shell scheme frame, joining in the centre of pole to line up with the joining graphic panel. 

The video below provides a helpful guide to understanding your Shell Scheme, and how to order graphics for your stand.


Why choose Shell Scheme Panels?

Shell Scheme Panels are a very cost effective solution for your exhibition, especially when the Shell Scheme structure is already supplied by the event organisers for the space you have booked and paid for. They are lightweight and very quick and easy to set up, pack away and re-use (if the sizing is suitable). 

  • Lightweight
  • Portable, easy to transport
  • Simple and quick to assemble
  • Different sizes available
  • Re-usable with Re-cyclable options
  • Cost effective
  • High quality finish 


How are Shell Scheme Panels attached?

It's quick and simple to attach Shell Scheme Graphics to the Shell Scheme stand. We supply our graphics with or without fittings, with a choice of either hook and loop or magnetic tape. When the fittings are chosen we apply 1 side of the fitting to all four sides (top, bottom and 2 sides) of the reverse of the printed graphic panels. The opposite side of the fitting is then provided as a roll(s) which can then be applied directly to the Shell Scheme stand at the event. The graphic panels will apply directly to this and your backdrop set up is complete with no additional tools are required.

  1. Apply the roll of either hook and loop or magnetic tape to the Shell Scheme frame on either the back boards or frame work (depending on which finish you've chosen).
  2. Unroll the first graphic panel, the opposite side of your chosen fitting will be applied to the reverse of the panels.
  3. Starting at the top line the graphic up with the applied fitting on the Shell Scheme stand and push to connect.
  4. Repeat this on the sides, connecting all the way to the bottom of the panel, and repeat with the bottom of the graphic panel.  
  5. Continue this process for panel 2 and so on until all graphics are applied to the Shell Scheme stand.
  6. Alternatively you can unroll the graphic panel, apply the opposite side of the fitting directly onto the fitting on the reverse of the panel. Remove the backing to reveal the self adhesive strip before positioning the graphic panel. Push this into place to stick the opposite side of the fitting in place on the Shell Scheme stand. 




What are the different types of Shell Scheme Graphic Panels?

Rollable Graphics

Printed on 350-micron Stoplight media and laminated with a 125-micron matte laminate for protection, the rollable graphic panels are a high quality, easy to store solution. The lightweight, flexible material allows the graphics to be rolled up for transport and storage. The high print quality is the same as what you can expect with a Pop Up Stand or Roller Banner, as the media and printing process used is exactly the same. Rollable graphic panels also come with a choice of 2 fitting options; hook and loop fastenings or magnetic tape, which can be factory-fitted to the reverse of the panels for speedy installation.

  • 350-micron Stoplight media
  • Laminated with matte finish 125-micron laminate
  • Available in various sizes to fit your shell scheme
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Flexible and lightweight, making it easy to roll up
  • Choice of hook and loop or magnetic tape fittings. 
  • Can be stored in a wheeled storage case (purchased separately)


Eco-Friendly Panels  

As a recyclable and eco-friendly alternative to rollable media, we offer a graphic solution printed on 4.5mm cardboard that's foldable and lightweight, for easy installation and compact storage. Manufactured using the same material we use for our Natural and Eco-Friendly banners and exhibition displays, the print quality gives you the same high quality finish with the added bonus of the panels being easily recyclable after your event. Supplied with the option of adding hook and loop tape to the reverse, allowing you to stick your graphics directly to the Shell Scheme at the event, saving you time, effort and money. 

  • 4.5mm cardboard material
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable media
  • Available in various sizes to fit your shell scheme
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and foldable, easy to use
  • Supplied with hook and loop tape fitting if required
  • Can be stored flat, folding for compact storage



How are Shell Scheme Graphics made?

At Go Displays we manufacture and print our Shell Scheme graphics in-house, allowing us to be in complete control of not only the print process but also the materials used. The trimming and fittings for attaching the Shell Scheme graphics are applied and fitted in-house using our tested process to to ensure consistency across all the graphic panels.

For printing the graphics we use 1200 dpi printers with water based inks, which are not only better for the environment but provide a higher quality print finish compared to solvent based inks. For the Rollable Graphics the media we use is a 350-micron stoplight media which is then laminated with a 150-micron crystal matte laminate, that provides an additional layer of protection to the panel as well making them scratch and tear resistant. The eco-friendly 4.5mm cardboard panels are printed directly onto the board material using a flatbed printer to produce a first-class, clear and vibrant printed finish. 

Before each set of Shell Scheme graphics ordered is packed ready to be dispatched we assemble for a final quality check. No matter the size of the order we assemble the entire stand, including any upgrades and accessories, so that we can make sure you receive a first-rate product that's ready to used upon receipt. 



How to design artwork for Shell Scheme Panels?

Artwork for Shell Scheme panels should be supplied as a high resolution PDF to the following specification

  • CMYK colour profile
  • Vector format/ 300dpi or higher
  • All text outlined
  • Images linked/embedded
  • Layers flattened
  • No crop or bleed marks required
  • Supplied at full size or 25% of the total size

The size for your Shell Scheme graphics can be found on your Shell Scheme specification from the event organiser. As each exhibition venue uses different Shell Scheme manufacturers and the sizes therefore vary for each, we cannot provide a 'standard' size for the Shell Scheme panels. These will be specific to your stand and show you are attending, and whether you require the graphics to be seamless or to the visible area. If you're unsure of the size required for your Shell Scheme please email us the Shell Scheme specification and we can advise on the appropriate sizing for the finish you require.




Why choose Go Displays for your Shell Scheme Graphic Panels?

Go Displays have been supplying the display industry for over 20 years, meaning that not only do we have extensive knowledge of the industry itself but also that we've been able to fine tweak the designing and producing of our display products. By manufacturing and printing our Shell Scheme graphic panels in-house rather than outsourcing we've been able to fine tune the print process and ensure that every graphic panel is produced with the high-quality and consistency that we expect. We quality check every Shell Scheme graphic panel Stand before it leaves our premises by assembling the full display. Being a UK manufacturer not only allows us to be in complete control of the products we produce, but we're also able to pass on the savings we make by cutting out the 'middle man' to our customers, so you can be assured that we offer our display products at the best price possible without reducing the quality. At Go Displays we're proud to be a UK manufacturer, using UK suppliers for our materials where possible and reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Over 20 years in the display industry
  • UK manufacturer for over 50 years
  • Manufacture in-house, passing on savings to our customers
  • Quality control each product before it leaves us
  • Use UK suppliers where possible, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Quick response time, with dedicated sales team and online chat
  • Check artwork with customer before printing to ensure high-quality final result
  • Quick turn-around and delivery times available
  • Simple and easy to understand approach, no hidden details or fees