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Selsia Case Study

The Selsia team had booked a 4m x 3m space at the Fleet live 2019 show, which prompted them to search for a brand-new display. Having seen a lightbox display at a previous exhibition, their main requirement was finding a backlit frame that would create a bright, inviting and eye-catching stand.

Not only was it essential to have a backlit display, but they wanted to create a stand space that had a larger impact than their past exhibitions whilst being reasonably priced and within budget.

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“The complete service from Go Displays was very professional. Once the design had been agreed and our studio got the graphics over to your team, we were very impressed to see the stand already built, lit up and ready for the show well in advance of the opening day. The Go Displays team also completed the necessary risk assessments etc for the show organisers.”

Quote – Neil Marcus from Selsia

Selsia Exhibition Stand

Neil first came across Go Displays via email, as he would receive the range of email campaigns sent throughout the month. It was decided a visit to our showroom in Peterborough was the most effective way to find the best display for their requirement.

Within our showroom we have a wide range of stands and accessories on display including the LED backdrops, which allowed Neil to see them in action. It gave him the perfect opportunity to see how bright they are, how the graphics look and to gage the impression an LED display could have at the Fleet Live event he was to attend later in the year.

With the help of Christopher at Go Displays, Neil had been provided with a range of solutions and possibilities available to him, so a decision could be made on the best product to showcase the Selsia brand.

Once the final decision had been made and the LED light box was to be used, the work could begin. It was important to get the design right, so the drawings from our design team gave Neil a clear visual representation of the stand.

It was essential for us to keep in contact and communicate all information needed. Making sure they were up to date with the design progress was at the top of our list. Neil felt the communication was excellent and was appreciative of the pre-show risk assessment we completed on their behalf.

Selsia Exhibition Stand

After a successful event and compliments on the stand, Neil from Selsia had a positive experience with both planning and installation. We were able to supply the eye-catching stand they wished for at a cost that fit within the customers budget and met their design requirements.

One of the main things they loved about the design was the retail feel which reminded them of a concession at a department store or airport.

“It actually had even more impact than we had expected. We were particularly pleased to hear all the positive comments from current and potential clients. We also had other exhibitors ask for Go Displays’ details.”

Quote – Neil Marcus from Selsia

As part of the installation service, it’s imperative that we test build the stand following the drawings and specifications, to ensure that on the day the set up runs smoothly with no delays. Once we have successfully assembled the stand, we can securely package all components ready for dispatch.

Upon arrival at the venue, we could begin the assembly, starting with the printed flooring. Once the floor was securely fitted, we progressed on to the back wall and cupboard being assembled with no complications.  The final step was to add the main event to the stand, the LED light up display. Working with the LED display takes slightly longer as the cables need to be disguised within the framework and then completed with the custom printed panels for a professional finish.

Before leaving the venue, we tested the display to make sure all that Neil had to do on the day was switch the display on. The flooring and stand had been installed within a 4-hour window, ready and waiting for the show to begin the following day.

About Selsia

Selsia are a company offering centrally managed vehicle accident repairs for national fleet operators. Their goal is to shorten the accident repair supply chain, reduce vehicle loss and remove additional costs for vehicle fleet operators.