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  1. 3m x 3m Inflatago Event Tent
    £2,353.20 £1,961.00
  2. 4m x 4m Inflatago Event Tent
    £2,859.60 £2,383.00
  3. 5m x 5m Inflatago Event Tent
    £3,572.40 £2,977.00
  4. 6m x 6m Inflatago Event Tent
    £4,080.00 £3,400.00
  5. 3m x 3m Printed Gazebo
    £906.00 £755.00
  6. 3m x 4.5m Printed Gazebo
    £1,172.40 £977.00
  7. 3m x 6m Printed Gazebo
    £1,392.00 £1,160.00
  8. Tex-Flex Fabric 3m x 3m Tent
    £2,317.20 £1,931.00
  9. Tex-Flex Fabric 4m x 4m Tent
    £2,628.00 £2,190.00
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11 Items

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Inflatago Event Tents, perfect for any outdoor Event

Printed Gazebos and Tents

Upgrade your outdoor event with a custom printed inflatable gazebo and create a buzz around your exhibition stand design. As part of the outdoor range, we have created a mix of inflatable gazebos and fabric tents to welcome an exciting visual to your stand space.

With the help of a custom branded gazebo or tent, you’ll be able to transform your indoor or outdoor stand into an unrecognisable stand design. To ensure your personalised gazebo is suitable for the outdoors, strong, waterproof materials have been used to promise quality and longevity.

Take advantage of the customisation options by selecting the size, print, number of walls and any required accessories. Select and configure a style that fits within your exhibition vision to deliver an outstanding display. Single and double sided print possibilities are available, the double sided print enable you to add custom print on the inside and outside walls to maximise the advertising potential.

Both the promotional gazebo and pop up event tent are lightweight, easy to assemble and provide a clear and vibrant print. The lightweight structure makes the printed displays suitable for transportation.