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Modulink Modular Exhibition Stands

What is a Modulink Modular Display?

The Modulink Exhibition Stand is an eco-friendly, high quality modular display solution. Supplied at 2.3m H for maximum impact, the panels connect together to provide straight walls, L Shape, U Shapes and much more. Each panel is custom printed with your design directly onto the board.

The panels of the Modulink are manufactured from Xanita, which is a closed cell fibreboard material that is sturdy, easy to use and completely recyclable. As well as being lightweight it is also lower in cost in comparison to the larger MDF stands, while still creating an equally as impressive and eye-catching display. With a simple set up process the stands can be self-built, meaning there are no additional installation fees or requirements; we provide you with everything you need to create your chosen stand.

The Modulink Stands are re-usable as well as recyclable. Designing your artwork in a way where the panel order can be changed, panels added or taken away can give you much more versatility with the stand. When we supply arches, tv monitors etc. these can be fitted anywhere on any panel, providing you with a stencil to make the required incisions in the board to add the attachments.


What are Modulink Displays used for?

Modulink Displays provide a sustainable, adaptable and stylish exhibition stand solution while maintaining a high-quality, robust look that you’d expect from a solid structure at a fraction of the price.

  • Tradeshows
  • Exhibitions
  • Showrooms/Reception Areas
  • Shopping Centres
  • Conferences
  • Award Shows
  • Recruitment Events
  • Networking Events



Why choose a Modulink Exhibition Stand?

Sustainable, green marketing is a big factor in many companies branding and marketing campaigns, the Modulink creates a first-class, modern display that ticks all the boxes when it comes to environment impact.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sustainable, green marketing solution
  • Storage cupboards available as part of design
  • Arches can be added for wow factor
  • 2.3m Height for maximum coverage
  • Recyclable and Re-usable 
  • Cost effective
  • High quality finish 
  • Solid, sturdy design


How are Modulink Modular Stands assembled?

The Modulink Modular Stands are assembled very similarly to flat-pack furniture. Each panel or part is supplied to you in single pieces at the full height (no folds or bends) with all the tabs, supports and required v notches pre-cut and attached. We would recommend at least 2 people for installation due to the height of the stand.

When it comes to attaching the arches, cupboards, monitor stands, shelves, lighting etc. we provide a stencil template which guides you where you will need to cut the board to attach the supplied fittings to use the accessory. We’ve designed it this way so that you have complete control over where these parts are positioned on the final stand, giving you the ability to design the display exactly how you want.


  1. The panels will be provided at full size. Carefully remove all the panels from the box.  
  2. Starting with panel 1, bend the 2 side supports towards the back.  
  3. Repeat this process with panel 2 and position next to panel 1.
  4. Connect the support leg of panel 1 with the touching support leg of panel 2 using the fittings provided. There are 4 joining holes top, middle and bottom.
  5. Continue this process, connecting all the panels together into your desired shape.  



The video below provides a guide of how to connect the Modulink panels. A PDF copy of the Modulink Display Stand assembly instructions can be found here


What are the different types of Modulink Exhibition Stands?

Modulink Walls

The Modulink Exhibition Walls are available with both single and double sided graphics, giving you the option of advertising your brand from all angles of the display. Supplied at 1 height of 2.3m as standard for maximum coverage, the Modulink Walls are available in 6 widths; 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m and 8m. Each panel links together, along with the support columns to create a strong, sturdy structure, to cover the desired width. All panels and support columns are provided with your printed design applied directly onto the board. Each section in laminated for a protective finish. Adding arches, monitor stands and shelving is easy on the Modulink Walls, with each item having the ability to be fitted to any of the panels (not directly next to a support column).

  • Single or Double Sided Printed Finish
  • Supplied at 2.3m High as standard
  • 6 widths available; 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8m
  • Easy to assemble, all fittings provided
  • Sturdy wall design with support columns
  • Can be used with arches, monitor brackets etc. 
  • Biodegradable and sustainable solution
  • Re-use or Re-cycle  


Modulink L Shape 

The Modulink L Shape Backdrops are also available with both single and double sided graphics, providing a huge display area for you to showcase your products/services. 2.3m High panels as standard, the Modulink L Shapes are designed with each 'wall' section available in 4 widths; 2m, 3m, 4m or 5m. You can select your required width for each section to perfectly fit your space, whether that's 2m D x 5m W or 3m D x 3m W. Each panel links together using the supplied fittings at the reverse (or internal section if double sided) to keep the front printed part of the display as seamless and undisturbed as possible. 

  • Single or Double Sided Printed Finish
  • Supplied at 2.3m High as standard
  • 4 widths available; 2, 3, 4, or 5m
  • Easy to assemble, all fittings provided
  • Sturdy wall design with support columns
  • Can be used with arches, monitor brackets etc. 
  • Biodegradable and sustainable solution
  • Re-use or Re-cycle

Modulink U Shape

The Modulink U Shape Exhibition Stands, like the rest of the Modulink range, are also available with both single and double sided graphics, to give you as much of a customisation to the display as possible. The panels are also manufactured 2.3m High panels as standard, and work in a similar way to the L Shape with each of the 3 'walls' being available in 4 widths; 2m, 3m, 4m or 5m. You can select your required width for each section to create your ideal U Shape,  for example 3m D x 4m W x 3m D. Arches, storage cupboards, TV monitor brackets and shelves are all easy to fit and incorporate within the stand at your desired location within the display.

  • Single or Double Sided Printed Finish
  • Supplied at 2.3m High as standard
  • 6 widths available; 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8m
  • Easy to assemble, all fittings provided
  • Sturdy wall design with support columns
  • Can be used with arches, monitor brackets etc. 
  • Biodegradable and sustainable solution
  • Re-use or Re-cycle


Modulink Upgrades & Accessories 

Arches for the Modulink Stands can be purchased for use with any of the Walls, L Shape or U Shape options. 2 sizes of arch are available; 1700 or 2300mm, with a selection of end panel finishes. All arch ends are double sided as standard, but with a choice of 1, 2 or 3 windows or no windows (solid panel). Additional down-lights can be purchased to fit within the top section of the arch to create an illuminated section of your stand. The windows are an ideal choice for displaying products, or the the no window solution is perfect for housing a TV monitor.
Storage Cupboards are often a necessity at exhibitions, and the Modulink can incorporate a full height, 1m x 1m wide cupboard as part of the stand. Manufactured using the same materials and technique as the rest of the Modulink range, your design can be applied directly to the boards that make the cupboard, so that your entire stand showcases your branding.
Shelves can be added to any of your Modulink Display Panels, simply securing directly into the board itself. We provide the shelves with a stencil for cutting so that the shelves can be placed at your desired height. Adding shelving to your Modulink Stand is perfect for displaying products or samples without needing additional shelving units that take up valuable room within your exhibition space.
Its easy to incorporate a TV monitor in your Modulink Stand by simply adding a TV monitor bracket. We supply both parts of the monitor bracket, along with a template which guides you as to where to make the incisions into the panel to attach the fittngs. This way you can select the height and position of the TV on your assembled stand, working around your design for the best look. The monitor stand attached directly to the board, with the TV monitor sitting flush with the panel and fittings not visible from the front of your display.



How are Modulink Modular Stands made?

As a product that has been created by Go Displays, we’ve have complete control over the Modulink Stand design and manufacture including the testing, materials used and the manufacture process. We manufacture the complete display in house to guarantee that every Modulink Display produced follows our guidelines and meets our standards.

The Modular Modular Stand is manufactured from Xanita, a closed cell fibreboard that creates a strong yet lightweight structure. With our in-house cutting technology we're able to shape and trim the boards to create a variety of different shapes that work together to build sturdy, eye-catching large displays. 

The graphic panels are also printed in-house by us too. Using our in-house flatbed printer we apply your design directly onto the board for a high-quality finish. To protect the panels we then apply a 150-micron crystal matte laminate.

The panels are provided to you with all the tabs, v notches, slots and fittings required, so that assembly of the stand is as simple as possible.

Before each Modulink Display is packed ready to be dispatched we assemble for a final quality check, as well as any upgrades and accessories. 




How to design artwork for a Modulink Exhibition Stand?

The artwork for a Modulink Exhibition Stand should be supplied in the artwork template files that we supply to you for your stand. 

  • CMYK colour profile
  • Vector format/ 300dpi or higher
  • All text outlined
  • Images linked/embedded
  • No crop or bleed marks required
  • Supplied in the artwork templates provided

We've created a helpful video to show how to design the artwork for your Modulink Stand using the artwork template files. If you would like assistance with designing your artwork we can provide details for a designer we work closely with who can help with your design.



Why choose Go Displays for your Modulink Exhibition Stand?

Go Displays have been working within the display industry for over 20 years, in which time we’ve noticed there is a huge gap in the market for sustainable, green marketing and display solutions. With our extensive knowledge of the industry itself we’ve been able to source responsible, sustainable materials to design and manufacture exhibition stands that are eco-friendly at the same high-quality you’d expect from any display solution. By manufacturing our own design of product we’ve been able to adjust and tweak the process as well as make certain that every Modulink Stand is produced with the high-class finish and consistency that we expect for all our displays. We quality check every Modulink Stand and component before it leaves our premises by assembling the full display. Being a UK manufacturer not only allows us to be in complete control of the products we produce, but we're also able to pass on the savings we make by cutting out the 'middle man' to our customers, so you can be assured that we offer our Modulink Exhibition Stands at the best price possible without reducing the quality. At Go Displays we're proud to be a UK manufacturer, using UK suppliers for our materials where possible and reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Over 20 years in the display industry
  • UK manufacturer for over 50 years
  • Manufacture in-house, passing on savings to our customers
  • Quality control each product before it leaves us
  • Use UK suppliers where possible, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Quick response time, with dedicated sales team and online chat
  • Check artwork with customer before printing to ensure high-quality final result
  • Quick turn-around and delivery times available
  • Simple and easy to understand approach, no hidden details or fees