Modulink Exhibition Stands

Modulink 100% Recyclable Exhibition Stands


Modulink is Go Displays answer to a 100% eco-friendly exhibition stand alternative to the traditional MDF. MDF has been used for years in the exhibition industry to create large, bespoke exhibition stands that are often disposed of after 1 use, whereas Modulink can either be re-used or recycled, making it a more sustainable, environmentally friendly solution without compromising on the quality or bespoke capabilities of the stand. With your design printed directly onto the board, we've reduced the amount of materials being used in the process of creating the Modulink, as well as Xanita board being the main component in the exhibition stand design. Xanita board is a sustainable paper composite two core fibreboard that's ultra lightweight and 100% repulpable, providing a strong, non-toxic product that allows us to create unique, bespoke products for our clients.  

As standard the height of the Modulink is an impressive 2.3m, however we can manufacture different sizes when required. The flexibility of the Xanita board also means we’re able to create various widths and shapes without compromising on the structural integrity of the display. For those organising an event, not only does the Modulink provide a sustainable, eco solution (at a fraction of the cost of an MDF stand) but it also means that each of your exhibitors can have a cusomised, immersive stand that showcases their business to their specification and size. 


Modulink Exhibition Stands



Single and double sided print is available, with both options to have the system laminated or unlaminated (100% eco option).  The Xanita board holds a certain level of water resistance and durability alone, and adding the laminate also protects the graphics and panels from scratches and damage. The Modulink panels fit together using metal bolt fixings which provides an additional level of stability and robustness. These fittings can be re-used on other displays or when your clients update their graphics, adding to the reduce, re-use, recycable USP of Modulink.

With Xanita and Modulink there are so many possibilities when creating the exhibition stands, the only real limitation is your ideas. We can add depth to the stand with arches, incorporating downlighters, windows, and shelves and monitors onto these. TV Monitors, windows and shelves can also be added to the Modulink wall panels too. The straight edges of the display can be curved or created into any shape you like, and 3D elements can be included with LED lighting, perfect for displaying your logo or important brand message. 

modulink exhibition stands can be upgraded to include monitor stands, arches and windows



  • 100% Recyclable & Eco-Friendly4m Single Sided Modulink Wall
  • Strong alternative to MDF
  • Printed directly onto the Xanita board
  • Create unique shapes
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Completely customisable - nothing we can't create!
  • Modular - add to and take away panels 
  • Sustainable solution for those environmentally conscious
  • Available laminate or unlaminated
  • Double and Single Sided print
  • Monitors can be added for interaction
  • Manufactured by Go Displays, can only be purchased direct
  • Water resistant and durable
  • Add arches, downlighters, 3D elements, windows and shelves
  • Uses metal fixings for stability and longevity 
  • Re-usable display solution


                   2m x 4m Pop Up Exhibition Stand        2m x 3m exhibition stand         4m x 4m Exhibition Stand