Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand - Artwork Guides


The How to create artwork for your Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand video shows the process to follow when creating the design for the Exhibit Panels (whether individual or joining), the Exhibit Arch and the Exhibit Cupboard. The video works along side our artwork specification guides. 

After downloading the artwork specification for the required Exhibit Modular Stand you're ordering, you need to create the blank template. The sizing for this can be found on the artwork specification guide, we suggest using the 25% sizing to reduce the overall file size. 

The video also shows how to add the guidelines for the panel breaks within your design programme when designing for a larger run of Exhibit Panels where you want your design to match up. It also indicates to you which areas to avoid to ensure that your artwork is clearly visible when assembling your Exhibit panels at a 90 degree angle. 

The blank template is then ready for you to add your artwork design into.

The artwork specifications for the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand range can be found here