Premier Pop Up Stand User Guides

How to assemble the Premier Pop Up Stands & Optional Lighting


  • Open the Pop Up Stand frame gently, keeping the red clips at the top of the frame.
  • Place the magentic bars into the designated positioned to lock the frame together
  • Unroll each of the graphic panels, and connect the top hook on the back of the panel with the hook at the top of the Pop Up Stand frame.
  • Start with panel 1 and work your way across the stand, hooking all panels to the top of stand and lining up as you go along. Ensure the graphics line up with the magnetic bars.
  • To fit the spotlight, insert the base of the light in-between the top section of tubular frame next to the cross sections & pull downwards letting the spotlight rest on the frame.

       View the full PDF guide for the Pop Up Stand assembly and optional lighting 

How to attach the Pop Up Monitor Stand


  •  Attach the supplied Vesa plate to the back of your TV monitor.
  • Clip the monitor arm clips into place where the pop up bars cross over. Attach your panel over the top.
  • The bracket fitted to the back of your TV will the slide on to the monitor arm you earlier added to the pop up frame.
  • When you reach the silver protruding piece, push the silver piece in and the bracket can slide further onto the monitor arm. This will then click into place.

       View the full PDF guide for the Pop Up Monitor Stand