Streamline Exhibition Stand User Guides

How to assemble the Streamline Exhibition Stand

  • Place the contents of your Streamline stand on the floor and carefully remove the rolled graphics from the storage case.
  • Place the chrome insert on top of the black base and screw the bottom section of the pole into the base.
  • Slide the top section of the pole in to the already secure bottom section. Complete this process for all poles.
  • Attach the graphics by hooking them over the top section of the pole. The grey hooks are located in the top corners of each panel.
    Once hooked, glide the side of the panel down the magnetic pole.
  • Continue with the process until you have assembled all panels and your backdrop is complete.

       View the PDF guide for the Flexible Streamline Display Stand

How to attach the Monitor Stand

  • Attach the provided Vesa plate onto the back of your TV Monitor with the screws and washers.
  • On to your already assembled poles, take 1 spacer and screw and put through the designated hole at the base of the pole and tighten the silver brace between 2 poles.
  • Repeat the process on 2 more braces which have 2 holes mid way through the bar. These should be front facing and positioned above half way up the pole.
  • Fix the second bracket directly onto the braces located toward the top of the poles. Secure in place with x4 screws.
  • Add the TV on to the braces with the fitted bracket. Slot the bracket on the TV down over the bracket attached to the stand. This will lock the plates together for a secure hold.

       View the full PDF guide to assemble the Streamline Monitor stand