Step and repeat backdrop designs
Step & Repeat Exhibition Stand Backdrops

There are endless ways to create a design for your exhibition stand anywhere from full and chaotic to simple and understated. The type of design required relies on the type of event, the position of your stand space and also how you plan on accessorizing the rest of the stand. A full artwork design and a step and repeat pattern have different purposes and provide contrasting visuals, find out more to understand which design is best for you.

step and repeat pop up stand

Step & Repeat vs Full Designs

A full artwork design entails logos, images and eye catching fonts. The aim of the design is to draw attention to the stand space whilst providing plenty of information that is easy to read and digest. It’s fair to say exhibitions aren’t a budget friendly affair, so it makes complete sense that when it comes to creating a design that it’ll be bold, informative and full of personality. 

However, there are times when a full design isn’t needed and a simplistic option works well for the given environment. Step and repeat designs are simple yet effective and include a single colour background with the logo repeated and positioned evenly across the full height and width of the display stand. Whilst it’s not providing much information, the repeating of the logo definitely covers the branding side of things.

Step and repeat stands are commonly used as a backdrop option and aren’t necessarily the main focus. A great use of the step and repeat design is a photography backdrop or as an exhibition stand that’s part of a bigger bundle or display. When used as part of a bundle, the accessories and other items have the potential to display your chosen marketing message and elevate the final stand presentation. 

What types of exhibition stand accept the step and repeat pattern?

The step and repeat pattern can be applied to any of our exhibition stands. The stand type, size and configuration won’t play a part into the artwork aspect, all you need is the artwork sized and formated for the chosen product and the repeat pattern will look clean and professional.

Creating artwork for the Step & Repeat Backdrop

If you’re not a designer or don’t have access to one, the idea of creating a full artwork piece can be daunting. The step and repeat option takes away any additional pressure as all that’s needed is a high quality logo and the correct logo placements. It's a quick and easy artwork design option that you and your team can organise in no time. Need help with the design? Contact a member of our team!