Sovereign Media Stand

How to assemble the Sovereign Media Stand

  • Stand the front/side panel up right. Using the fold lines, create the square base.
  • Bring the 2 tabs into the centre of the hollow base. Secure the top with the screw, washer and wing nut. Repeat the process on the bottom by turning upside down. 
  • Turn the square base the correct way up with the tabs pointing upwards. Place the top into place, making the sure the cut out is inline with the base cut out. 
  • Unfold the banner and slot into the counter top, through to the base. 
  • Slide the banner down the full length of the base until the banner reaches the floor. 

View the full PDF assembly guide for the Sovereign Media Stand. For more details on the Sovereign Media Stand - Click here.

How to design artwork for the Sovereign Media Stand