Natural Banner Stand User Guide

How to assemble the Natural Banner Stand


  • Take the base section, folding one side and pulling the tabs through the second row of slots.
  • Pull the entire tab through, then fold over and thread back through the slots closet to you. Complete process on both sides.
  • Turn the base on it's side and fix together using the tabs. Complete on both sides.
  • Take the 4 additional pieces that fold and fit into the 4 corners of the base.
  • Lay the front and back panel of the banner on the floor. Feed the tabs from one panel in to the slots on the side of the other.
  • Flip the banner over, so the print is now facing upwards. Connect the other side of the banner together using the tab and slot system.
  • Finally, place the constructed banner into the base.

View the full PDF assembly guide for the Natural Banner Stand

How to create your artwork for the Natural Banner

Create your custom artwork for the Eco-friendly Natural Banner Stand using the supplied Ai templates from Go Displays.
To request the correct template, please contact our customer service team.