Modulink Eco-friendly Exhibition Stand

How to assemble the Modulink Display Stand


  • Unpack the Modulink panels andposition them upright and in the correct order. Doing so will make assembly quicker and easier.
  • Fold the side tabs back and position 2 panels next to each other. The tabs of both panels should line up ready for fixings.
  • Around the back of the stand, check the line up of the tabs and that the tabs are flush.
  • Thread a washer on to the screwand push through the tabs of both panels to secure them together.
  • Once the screw has passed through both tabs, finish with another washer and wing nut.
  • To ensure the fittings are securely inplace, use a screw driver to tighten. Repeat process 4 & 5 on all 4 holes running top to bottom of the tabs.
    Complete these steps until the full back wall has been assembled.

      View the full PDF guide for the Modulink Eco-Friendly Exhibition Stand

How to attach the Modulink Support Plinth


  • Position the support plinth templateon your chosen Modulink Panel,lining up with the bottom edge andmaking sure the arrow is in the centre of the panel.
  • Secure the template onto the panel using tape along the 2 sides.
  • Use a Stanley knife to cut through the panel using the cut out guide slots.Cut all 4 slots out.
  • Turn the panel over, cutting through the same 4 sections from the back. This will allow the slots to be pushed out.
  • Remove all 4 pieces, resulting in 4 tab slots.
  • Turn the panel back over and remove the template.
  • Stand the just cut Modulink panel and the support plinth upright. Fit the side tabs on the plinth into the slots on the panel.
  • Complete this process on both sides so the support plinth base is flush with the front of the panel.
  • Take the 4 stoppers and push through the space in the tab. This will securely lock the plinth in place.
  • To complete the plinth, add the counter top which will sit directly on top of the base.

      View the full PDF guide for the Modulink Support Plinth

How to attached a monitor to the Modulink Exhibition Stand

  • Position the monitor template on to the panel with the side arrows positioned 1650mm from the floor and the central arrow positioned in the centre of the panel.
  • We recommend to use tape on the top and bottom of the template to hold in place whilst creating the holes.
  • Once in place, push a screw driver through the 8 holes with the red circle, ensuring you go right through the board.
  • Attach the monitor bracket by feeding the provided bolts through the holes in the bracket and the panel.
  • Take the monitor template and push through the bolts that protrude at the back of the panel. The template is also used as a backing plate.
  • Finish by adding the round washer and wing nuts to secure the TV bracket and backing plate into place. Using a screw driver to securely tighten.
  • To fit the monitor arms, line the hole in the bracket arms with the holes on the back on your monitor. 
  • Place the black washers under the bracket arm to line up with the holes in the monitor. Each bracket is supplied with multiple size screws, select the correct size, add the washer and attach through the monitor arm, screwing into the back of the monitor.
  • Hook the bracket arms on to the fitted plate on the panel. Once hooked, slide in to correct position.
  • Secure the screws on the under side of the bracket arms until they grip the bottom of the monitor plate. 

View the full PDF guide on how to attach a monitor stand to the Modulink Display Stand.