E-Cube Eco-Friendly Exhibition Stand 

How to assmble the E-Cube Exhibition Stand


  • Start by taking the flat pack cube sections. Fold the side panels down and slot the tabs into the slim cut outs.
    Complete this step until you have assembled all of the cubes.
  • To stack the cubes, feed the tab on the top side of the cube in to the slots at the bottom of the cube.
  • Make sure when stacking the cubes, the side tabs are facing upwards. Repeat this process until all towers are assembled.
  • To connect the columns together, use the side tabs (which should have been facing upwards). Feed the tab in to the slot from the side of the next cube.
    The tab feeds through the 1st slot and folds over into the 2nd slot.
  • Using the vertical slots on the front of the cubes, you'll attach the panels, starting with panel 1 on the left hand side and inserting all tabs into place.
  • Continue attaching the panels, which will now share the same slots as the previous panel.
    Continue attaching the panels until the front and side panels are firmly in place.

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