Folding Display Boards

What is a Folding Display Board?

Folding Display Boards have been a prominent feature amongst not only display board ranges but the event industry as a whole for many years. The lightweight structure and ease of use make them the ultimate display panel solution for many organisations, and a popular choice with schools, charities and many other businesses as a low-cost way to showcase and display. Not only are they quick to assemble, taking just a simple 1 or 2 step process, but they are also budget-friendly while still providing a display option that’s built to last.

The collection of Folding Display Boards at Go Displays is known as the Event Display Boards. There are a few different sizes and style options within the Event range including freestanding displays, table top display boards, jumbo display panels and display plinths. Within our range of Folding Displays we also have several finishes available; loop nylon fabric (accepts Velcro and hook fasteners), woven fabric (accepts pin) and custom print.

Available to purchase with the folding display boards are a number of accessories, including a carry bag, perfect for storage as well as making the panels easy to transport. Each Folding Display Board kit is supplied with the required fittings to assemble and use the panels, without the need for an additional tools.



What are Folding Display Boards used for?

Folding Display Boards are the perfect tool for anyone looking to display lightweight materials and notices, and can be used in a number of different environments. A variety of sizes and styles are available for many different uses. 

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • GP Practices
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Exhibitions
  • Charities
  • Recruitment 
  • Networking Events
  • Art Shows
  • Craft Fairs



Why choose a Folding Display Board?

A lightweight, portable folding display system with panels upholstered in a Velcro-friendly loop nylon fabric on both sides, the Folding Display Boards provide each user with an easy to transport and assemble display solution where you can attach your marketing materials, displays and notices diretly to the board using hook and loop fastenings without damaging the board. 

  • Lightweight
  • Portable, easy to transport
  • Simple and quick to assemble
  • Different sizes available
  • Loop nylon Velcro-friendly fabric both sides
  • Folding design easy to pack up and store
  • Strong aluminium frame 
  • Cost effective
  • Pinnable and printed options available


How are Folding Display Boards assembled?

Folding Display Boards, as the name suggests, are a folding display system. The boards are supplied with the hinges factory fitted, meaning that once they are removed from the box you can simply unfold them and they are ready to use. If you’re purchasing a table top option, the boards are immediately ready for you to add your displays to. With the larger kits you’ll simply need to unfold the top section as well and place this on top of the bottom, clip together and angle the boards into position. The Folding Display Boards can be set up in a matter of minutes, and are just as quick to pack away until the next event.

  1. The boards are supplied joined together using double hinges. Remove these from the bag/packaging.  
  2. Unfold the bottom section (if a 4-9 panel) and put into the required position.
  3. Slide the locking clips onto the frame above each panel.
  4. Connect the top section of the display to the bottom by fitting the pegs into the holes at the ends of the frame.
  5. Once the top boards are in place slide the locking clips in the direction of the arrow to click into place. 
  6. Make sure to angle the sides of your display board out (like wings) to create a sturdy structure.



The video below provides a step-by-step guide of how to assemble the Folding Display Boards. A PDF copy of the Event Display Board assembly instructions can be found here



What are the different types of Folding Display Boards?

4, 6, 7, 8 Panel Folding Boards

The Folding Display Board freestanding range are available in 4 sizes; 4, 6, 7 and 8, which is how many panels are used to create the overall display. The displays are supplied in 2 sets of joined panels, with the top panels fitting on top of the bottom panels to create the full sized display. The boards sit directly onto the floor, with the sides angled slightly to provide stability. Manufactured with a strong aluminium frame and upholstered both sides with your chosen fabric/finish.

  • Available in 4 sizes; 4, 6, 7 and 8 panels
  • Overall height of each system is 1866mm
  • Each panel is 687mm wide
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Upholstered both sides for a double sided display
  • Aluminium edging for a strong structure
  • Lights and header panels can be added to the display
  • Carry and storage bag available


Table Top Display Boards 

Table Top Displays Boards provide the perfect desktop display for a number of events. Available in either a 2 or 3 panel display, in a choice of portrait or landscape. A header panel can be added to the displays to provide additional display area or provide space to advertise your organisation logo. Table Top Displays can be purchased in a choice of finishes; with loop nylon fabric, woven fabric or printed graphics.

  • Available in 3 sizes; 2, 3 panel Portrait and 3 panel Landscape
  • Portrait and Landscape options available
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Upholstered both sides for a double sided display
  • Aluminium edging for a strong structure
  • Lights and header panels can be added to the display
  • Carry and storage bag available

Jumbo Panel Boards

Jumbo Folding Display Boards provide the same display area as the 4-9 panel displays, but without the join in the centre. The boards are provided at the full 1800mm height, upholstered both sides in a loop nylon Velcro-friendly fabric. Header panels can be added to increase the display height further as well as giving extra advertising space.

  • Available in 3 sizes; 3, 4 and 5 panels
  • Overall height of each system is 1866mm
  • Each panel is 687mm wide
  • Quick and easy to use, no assembly required
  • Upholstered both sides for a double sided display
  • Aluminium edging for a strong structure
  • Lights and header panels can be added to the display
  • Carry and storage bag available

Printed Folding Display Boards

Instead of a fabric finish we also offer a printed look, where your custom design can be applied to the boards and fitted into the aluminium frame. The folding system works the same as the fabric options, being supplied ready to use and easy to pack away. The panels are printed onto directly using our flatbed printer and topped with a laminate to protect the boards and provide a high quality finish.

  • Available in various sizes
  • High quality print and laminte finish
  • Each panel is 687mm wide
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Option for print both sides for a double sided display
  • Aluminium edging for a strong structure
  • Lights and header panels can be added to the display
  • Carry and storage bag available


Display Plinths

The same folding panels can also be used to create display plinths. Supplied with a robust steel plinth top that fits directly into the aluminium framed boards to provide a solid surface. The panels are available in either the loop nylon fabric or custom printed finish. Three heights of plinth are included in the range in both a square or triangular style.

  • Available in 3 heights; 370, 670 and 933mm
  • Square and Triangle shapes
  • Each panel is 687mm wide
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Sturdy steel plinth top supplied
  • Aluminium edging for a strong structure
  • Upholstered in loop nylon fabric or printed finish


Event+ Folding Boards

As well as the Velcro-friendly fabric finish on the Folding Display Boards we’ve added another range, known as the Event+ displays, which are upholstered in a choice of woven fabric. Offering a range of alternative, bright colours, the fabric also means the boards will accept pins rather than using the hook and loop fastenings.

  • Available in various sizes
  • Woven fabric applied to accept pins
  • Each panel is 687mm wide
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Upholstered both sides for a double sided display
  • Aluminium edging for a strong structure
  • Lights and header panels can be added to the display
  • Carry and storage bag available



Folding Display Board Accessories 

Display Carry Bags are available to purchase with the Folding Display Boards, making it easy to store and transport your boards as you need. Each bag can hold up to 8 individual panels. The bags are supplied with handles to make carrying easy. Made from a 600 denier fabric the bag provides protection for the boards as well as a safe storage solution. 
Lights can be added to your Folding Display Boards by attaching directly onto the top of the framework. These simply clip onto the frame and tighten into place. We provide the lights in sets of 2, with a set being available to purchase as an accessory. The lights are LED 4w spotlight with an adjustable clamp and 3m cable and standard UK 3 pin plug. Replacement lamps are also available to purchase if required. 
If you require a larger display area or want to add additional display space to an existing display board, the Folding Display Boards can be equipped with a header panel. The header panel attaches directly onto the top frame of the panels, fixing into place using the same locking clips and pegs as the rest of the boards. The header panels are available in the loop nylon fabric, woven fabric (Event+) or with a printed finish, especially effective to display your company name or branding. 
Each Folding Display Board kit is supplied with 100 self adhesive backed hook dots, which can be applied to the reverse of your display materials to attach them directly to the boards. The hook of the dots will fasten to the loop nylon material upholstered on the panels. This not only increases the longevity of the boards by removing the need for pins but also makes displaying quick and easy. Larger packs of hook and loop dots are available to purchase on our website. For larger displays we also supply hook and loop tape



How are Folding Display Boards made?

At Go Displays we’ve been manufacturing our range of Folding Display Boards for over 20 years, and in this time we’ve been able to really perfect the skill of creating a display panel system that lasts without a hefty price tag.

We use an aluminium edging on all our Folding Display Boards, unlike others on the market that are supplied with a plastic edging. Through experience we’ve found that the plastic isn’t suitable when it comes to longevity with these display boards, whereas the aluminium finish provides strength while keeping the displays lightweight and assembly simple.

The inner core of the display boards is upholstered with either a loop nylon fabric or woven fabric (depending on the option chosen), which is carefully applied to both sides of the board to give you a double sided display. This inner board is then fitted with the aluminium edging, hinges applied and the boards joined together ready for us.

Within our range of Folding Display Boards we hold our most popular colour, the Electric Blue, in stock, so these systems are made up ready to pull off the shelf when an order is received which allows us to get these to you in no time.

When the printed finish is selected on the Folding Display Boards, we print these using our flatbed printer, laminate the finished panels, apply the aluminium frame and hinges in the same way and assemble the full display for final check.






Why choose Go Displays for your Folding Display Boards?

Go Displays have been supplying the display industry for over 20 years, meaning that not only do we have extensive knowledge of the industry itself but also that we've been able to fine tweak the designing and producing of our display products. By manufacturing our Folding Display Boards in-house rather than purchasing ready-made from a supplier we've been able to fine tune the process and ensure that every Display Boards is produced with the high-quality and consistency that we expect. We quality check every Display Board before it leaves our premises by assembling the full display. Being a UK manufacturer not only allows us to be in complete control of the products we produce, but we're also able to pass on the savings we make by cutting out the 'middle man' to our customers, so you can be assured that we offer our Folding Display Boards at the best price possible without reducing the quality. At Go Displays we're proud to be a UK manufacturer, using UK suppliers for our materials where possible and reducing our carbon footprint. 


  • Over 20 years in the display industry
  • UK manufacturer for over 50 years
  • Manufacture in-house, passing on savings to our customers
  • Quality control each product before it leaves us
  • Use UK suppliers where possible, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Quick response time, with dedicated sales team and online chat
  • Check artwork with customer before printing to ensure high-quality final result
  • Quick turn-around and delivery times available
  • Simple and easy to understand approach, no hidden details or fees