Exhibiting With A Modular Exhibition Stand

Modular Exhibition Stands

Exhibiting with a modular exhibition stand highlights how flexible display stands can be and how your exhibition investment can work to your advantage for future events. The modular design focuses on flexibility and provides a forward thinking display solution that can support a business through growth and change.

Our modular exhibition stand pushes the limits of stand design and demonstrates what’s possible with creativity and the right tools at hand. The main objective is to create a show stopping exhibition stand that fits with the available space and delivers the intended marketing message.

How do Modular Exhibition Stands work?

The term ‘Modular’ is a design principle that’s broken down into individual parts which are called modules, and the same applies to an exhibition stand. The Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand is made with individual panels measuring 970mm wide x 2500mm high offering separate accessories such as exhibition arches and storage cupboards to allow adaptations to the display stand. By bringing these components together, it’s possible to create a bespoke exhibition stand that’s specific to your very own requirement.

The main attraction of the modular design is how the panels fit together and the type of displays you’re able to create. Most importantly, a modular stand has the ability to fit into most, if not all stand spaces and can be customized over time.  

Not only can you control the width by connecting multiple panels together, but the shape variations are endless. Therefore, leaving you with an exhibition stand that can be exactly what you need it to be.

For example, if you have 7 Exhibit panels, you can create a 7m back wall, 2m x 3m U shape, 3m x 4m L shape and that’s just looking at the basics. Our 3 in 1 modular kits are a great example of how you’re able to make the most out of the panels you already have. Create a smaller stand or think big and add more panels as your business and stand opportunities grow.

Modular Exhibition Stand Designs

Incorporating Modular Accessories

If a straight back wall, L shape or U shape exhibition stand isn’t impressive enough, the accessories will accelerate your stand design to the next level.

Exhibition arches simply attach on to a back panel, leaving the overhead panel running across the top and ending with a double sided panel that sits within the stand space. What’s most impressive about an exhibition arch is the additional branding opportunities that are present, all whilst using minimal floor space. It’s a great way to make the modular exhibition stand look bigger and bolder.

Storage cupboards strengthen the stand with a useful feature that becomes part of the stand design. Incorporating a 1m x 1m or 1m x 2m exhibition cupboard changes the shape of the stand and repurposes a small section of the floor space. Having built in storage aids a clean and professional exhibition floor space, all complete with custom printed panels that discreetly tie the storage and panels together as 1 cohesive design.

What’s more, the accessories aren’t a permanent addition and just like the modular panels can be added and removed when your stand design calls for it.

What else does the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand have to offer?

To compliment the modular design, the individual panels have been designed to accept double and single sided print. Fitted with hook and loop tape, the panels and printed graphic are easily compatible and fix in to place with a simple process.

What’s great about the single or double sided print option is how quickly you’re able to adapt each panel. Styling the modular panels with double sided panels ensures your print can be seen by more people, reaching a wider audience.

Assembly Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand Panels

What other Modular Exhibitions Stands are available?

Within Go Displays stand ranges, other modular stand designs include the Streamline and the Modulink, both of which offer the modular aspect in different ways.

The Modulink is an incredible design and incorporates a paneled display stand whilst being great for the environment. Manufactured with a material called Xanita board, offering strength, reliability and an eco-conscious design that’s forward thinking and modern.

Easily recycled, yet designed for reusability across multiple tradeshows.

Taking flexibility one step further is the Streamline Exhibition Stand. Combining printed graphics and a pole and base system, the Streamline can make a curved shape of choice. Use the flex of the stoplight media panels to create the ideal shape, all whilst being able to control the size.

Each panel is 1m wide and fits seamlessly to the joining poles, include as many of the 1m panels you need to achieve the desired width. It’s as simple as adding and removing the panels until you have the size you need.

For both systems, to maximise the possible size options, designing artwork per panel can be beneficial. By doing so, any panel can be removed, the size and shape can be changed all whilst leaving artwork cohesive and flowing naturally across the final stand design.

Flexible Streamline Display Stand

Eco-friendly modular exhibition stands