Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands

What is an Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand?

The Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand is our own designed and manufactured modular, customisable exhibition display solution. Each individual Exhibit panel is provided at a standard size of 2.5m H, providing a large display area for maximum impact in any venue or event. Each panel is 970mm W, making it easy to fit comfortably within every exhibition space. The panels of the Exhibit Modular System can be easily linked together in any order to cover any width. Its also quick and simple to link the panels together at an angle, allowing you to create L Shape, U Shape, amongst others, giving you a display that is flexible and adaptable for future events.

The panels and components of the Exhibit have been designed to be re-usable and re-configurable, offering a cost effective option for your display that can be used time and time again. Additional components can be purchased to add to your existing set up for future events to alter your stand style such as arches, storage cupboards, monitor stands, shelving and more.

Manufactured from aluminium, we’ve designed a modular framed system that is lightweight without lacking strength, easy to assemble and store, and uses fittings that are simple but strong. The graphics are all printed in-house using high quality stoplight rollable media, that’s laminated to provide a flexible but protected finish.


What are Exhibit Modular Stands used for?

The Exhibit Modular Stand is an adaptable, reconfigurable display system that allows you to create multiple exhibition stand set ups for different stand sizes and shapes, as well as various uses and environments.

  • Tradeshows
  • Exhibitions
  • Shopping Centres
  • Conferences
  • Award Shows
  • Recruitment Events
  • Networking Events


Why choose the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand?

Exhibitions, while a necessity to increase your brand awareness and gain new customers can be a high expense for many businesses, especially if you have multiple events to attend within a year. Purchasing a display stand that is modular and can be reconfigured to fit all of your stand sizes without costing you any extra, that’s easy to assemble and store with graphics that can be updated as your brand changes and grows is essential.

  • Re-usable
  • Adaptable
  • Easy to reconfigure
  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Cost effective
  • High quality finish
  • Lightweight, sturdy design
  • Replaceable graphics
  • 2.5m High panels
  • Add storage cupboards into stand design
  • Arches available to add depth

How is the Exhibit Exhibition Stand assembled?

The Exhibit Exhibition Stands are quick and simple to assemble, with each panel, arch and cupboard being provided in individual boxes with easy to follow instructions. Each single panel is supplied to you in pieces that clip together, secure into place with the fittings provided. The graphics attach with the pre-fitted hook and loop tape.



The videos below provide a step-by-step guide of how to assemble the Exhibit Modular Displays and the Exhibit Modular Stand Cupboard.

PDF copies of all our Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand assembly instructions can be found below:
Exhibit Modular Panels
Exhibit Modular Display Cupboard


What are the different types of Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands?

Exhibit Walls

Exhibit Walls provide the perfect exhibition backdrop, with each panel 2.5m H x 970mm W you can link as many panels together as required to cover the width of your stand. Each panel is provided with double sided fittings, making it easy to upgrade from single sided graphics to double sided graphics. The Exhibit Modular Stand panels easily connect together with minimal effort, so that you can use as many panels as you need whenever you need. Lights and other accessories can easily be added to enhance your Exhibit straight wall backdrop.

  • Single or double sided printed finish
  • 2.5m H panels as standard
  • Connect as many panels are required to cover total width
  • Easy to assemble, all fittings supplied
  • Sturdy aluminium frame with stabilising feet
  • Add arches, cupboards, monitor brackets etc.
  • Replaceable graphic panels
  • Reconfigurable and adaptable


Exhibit L Shape Stands 

Exhibit L Shape Stands are designed to give a two-sided exhibition display that’s cost-effective and easy to assemble. The panels that make up the Exhibit L Shape Stands are completely reconfigurable, meaning that you can use the same panels to make various shapes, stands and sizes of display to suit your requirements. The L Shape Exhibit Modular Stands are provided with the fittings for each panel to be used as single or double sided so its effortless to change up your exhibition stand.

  • Single or double sided printed finish
  • 2.5m H panels as standard
  • Connect as many panels are required to cover total width
  • Easy to assemble, all fittings supplied
  • Sturdy aluminium frame with stabilising feet
  • Add arches, cupboards, monitor brackets etc.
  • Replaceable graphic panels
  • Reconfigurable and adaptable

Exhibit U Shape Stands

Exhibit U Shape stands, similar to the L Shape design, equip the user with a three-sided display stand that can be adapted and redesigned to create many different layouts to fit a variety of exhibition stand spaces. The Exhibit Modular panels are supplied at 2.5m high for maximum display and branding area. Graphics for the Exhibit is easy to update and replacement rollable panels can be purchased, for a cost-effective and long-lasting exhibition display solution.

  • Single or double sided printed finish
  • 2.5m H panels as standard
  • Connect as many panels are required to cover total width
  • Easy to assemble, all fittings supplied
  • Sturdy aluminium frame with stabilising feet
  • Add arches, cupboards, monitor brackets etc.
  • Replaceable graphic panels
  • Reconfigurable and adaptable

Exhibit Arches

Arches for the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands bring another element to your display that adds depth and an alternative style to your stand. The arches can be added to an existing display or purchased as part of a pre-designed kit, with the ability to be used to create an walk-through archway or a closed in roof section on the stand. Options are available to be supplied with and without LED spotlights.

  • Available with or without LED lights
  • Add to any Exhibit panel
  • Double Sided end Arch panel
  • Printed overhead Arch panel
  • Add depth to any stand
  • Can support monitors, shelves, hooks etc.

Exhibit Cupboards

Storage Cupboards can be an important element for many exhibition stands, and the Exhibit Modular Display offers a full height lockable storage solution that is integrated directly into the display. The Exhibit Cupboards can be purchased as part of a complete kit or added to an existing Exhibit Modular Stand, with the sides and back doubling up as Exhibit panels that can be used to create different set ups or as another branded area that can support shelves and other accessories.

  • Connect to any Exhibit panel or use individually
  • Print on all 4 sides
  • Lockable door with pull handle
  • 2.5m H to match with Exhibit panels
  • Can support monitors, shelves, hooks etc.

Exhibit Accessories 

Monitor Brackets can be added to your Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand which will allow you to integrate a TV monitor screen into your display. This can be added to any panel of your Exhibit Display at any of the designated heights, and can be any size you'd like as long as its under 10kg. The Exhibit Panels have been designed in a way that the accessory bracket that holds a TV monitor can be used on both sides on any of the panels, arches or cupboards.
Lights can be added to your Exhibit Modular Display by attaching directly into the top of the Exhibit panels with a supplied fitting. These simply slot into any of the pre-drilled spaces at the top of the panel and secure into place. We provide the LED lights in sets of 2, with a 3m cable and standard UK 3 pin plug. Replacement lamps are also available to purchase if required. 
Adding shelving as a display solution into your Exhibit Modular Stand is easy. Using the accessory bracket plate at any of the provided heights, each plate can hold up to 4 shelves (2 recommended). Each shelf is provided with chrome brackets, with a white shelf panel. 
A variety of hooks and pegs are available to add to your Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand, from single hook pegs, twin pegs and waterfall clothing rails. All hooks are easy to attach directly into the accessory bracket, sitting in front of your graphics to minimise distruption to your branding. These various fittings create an opportunity for you to display your products on your backdrop without the need for additional point of sale stands and units. 


How to design artwork for the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand?

Artwork for an Exhibit Modular Stand should be supplied as a high resolution PDF to the following specification

  • CMYK colour profile
  • Vector format/ 300dpi or higher
  • All text outlined
  • Images linked/embedded
  • Layers flattened
  • No crop or bleed marks required
  • Supplied at full size or 25% of the total size

We've created a helpful video to show how to design the artwork for your Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand. If you would like assistance with designing your artwork we can provide details for a designer we work closely with who can help with your design.




Why choose Go Displays for your Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand?

Go Displays have been supplying the display industry for over 20 years, meaning that not only do we have extensive knowledge of the industry itself but also that we've been able to fine tweak the designing and producing of our display products. We designed the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand to fill a major gap in the market of a stand that provides a high-quality product but with versatility and adaptability of a modular display system at a fraction of the cost. By manufacturing our own design of product we’ve been able to adjust and tweak the process as well as make certain that each and every Exhibit Modular Display Stand is produced with the five-star finish and consistency that we expect. We quality check every Exhibit Modular Stand before it leaves our premises by assembling the full display. Being a UK manufacturer not only allows us to be in complete control of the products we produce, but we're also able to pass on the savings we make by cutting out the 'middle man' to our customers, so you can be assured that we offer our Exhibit Exhibition Stands at the best price possible without reducing the quality. At Go Displays we're proud to be a UK manufacturer, using UK suppliers for our materials where possible and reducing our carbon footprint.


  • Over 20 years in the display industry
  • UK manufacturer for over 50 years
  • Manufacture in-house, passing on savings to our customers
  • Quality control each product before it leaves us
  • Use UK suppliers where possible, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Quick response time, with dedicated sales team and online chat
  • Check artwork with customer before printing to ensure high-quality final result
  • Quick turn-around and delivery times available
  • Simple and easy to understand approach, no hidden details or fees