9 Folding Display Boards from Go DisplaysLooking for a bit more from your Folding Display Boards? The 9 Folding Display Boards deliver the same sleek execution of the 8 Panel Display Boards with the added feature of a sturdy metal plinth, allowing you to enhance your display boards with a monitor. So when you are presenting at exhibitions, trade shows, shopping centre displays or conferences, the 9 Folding Display Boards are perfect for helping you to stand out from the crowd.

The 9 Folding Display Boards even do this without sacrificing the simple design making it effortless to set up and pack away in around 5-10 minutes. Setting up these display boards is as simple as clipping them together and locking the panels in place so travelling from event to event with the display boards is as easy as possible.

Folding Display Boards are designed and manufactured by us at our premises in Peterborough, and we take pride in designing display boards which are practical for organisations who need to present at multiple events. With the design of the display boards we incorporate a tough loop nylon fabric material as standard to prevent tearing and fraying. So with our display boards we include a five year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Event Display Boards are the ideal exhibition range.

9 Folding Display Boards

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Folding Display Boards

Why use a Folding Display Board?

Folding Display Boards utilise a simple 360 degree locking system to make setting up and packing away your display boards absolutely effortless. As all of our display boards are assembled in-house at our site in Peterborough, we can guarantee to have your Folding Display Boards on their way to you within three working days of your order.

Our Folding Display Boards are completely customisable and can be finished to your specification in either loop nylon fabric, woven Event+ fabric or with printed panels. The loop nylon fabric is Velcro friendly allowing you to use the included Velcro dots to simply attach your material to your display boards while our Event+ fabric allows you to use pins with your display boards.


Looking to make your Folding Display Board stand out?

In order to make your 9 Folding Display Boards shine amongst the crowd, then here at Go Displays we offer to provide two display spotlights which can be simply clipped to the top of the display boards. These are the perfect solution to draw more attention to your 9 Panel Folding Display Boards.

When assembling your Folding Display Boards, we offer two separate materials to suit your needs. The Velcro friendly loop nylon fabric makes it easy to attach material to your display boards using the included Velcro dots whereas our Event+fabric is pinnable and available in a wider range of colours, giving you more choice to pick a colour for your display boards which suits your organisation.

Folding Display Boards are designed and developed extensively before we pass them on to our customers, which is why we ensure all display boards are made with quality materials and are as easy to transport to multiple exhibitions as possible. The display boards are connected with 360 degree hinges meaning you can assemble your display boards in any layout you desire.


Need help designing your Folding Display Boards?

If you are looking for extra impact from your Folding Display Boards, then here at Go Displays we have our in-house Graphic Design team on hand to give you the edge over the competition with your display boards. By selecting to have printed panels you will gain full access to the design team's expertise to help bring your ideal display boards to life.

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