4 Folding Display Boards from Go DisplaysOur 4 panel folding display boards are designed to be a sleek and simple solution for your exhibiting requirements. These are manufactured with lightweight yet sturdy materials which ensure they are convenient to transport to events and are reliable when in use.

We manufacture two varieties of 4 panel folding display boards here at Go Displays. Firstly, the Event 4 panel folding display in electric blue is available with free instant ship delivery, which ensures you can receive your display boards in a hurry. Alternatively, we also offer our Event 4 panel folding display which can be manufactured using one of our selection of fabric colours.

Each aspect of the Event 4 panel folding display board is manufactured in-house as we prioritise creating products which are designed to last. From the core materials of the display board right the way to the loop nylon fabric, we design our display boards so they never let you down. To reinforce this, we include a five-year manufacturer's guarantee with all the display boards that are produced.

Event Display Boards are the ideal exhibition range.

4 Folding Display Boards

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Folding Display Boards

Looking to make your Folding Display Board stand out?

We provide a variety of customisation options with the 4 panel folding display boards on top the choice of fabric colours. This includes a selection of accessories which can be used to enhance your display. From printed posters to display spotlights and header panels, there are a number of ways to expand the display area you have available as well as draw more attention to the key features of your content. If you are not sure whether a certain combination is quite right for you, then please give us a call on 01733 232000 and we can provide guidance on which would be the perfect addition.

Why Buy a Folding Display Boards at Go Displays?

Our folding display boards are designed specifically to provide you with a display system which is set to last for many events in the future. As well as a robust, honeycomb core, we use an array of high-quality materials throughout the 4 panel folding display board to ensure it excels when in use. As well as being reliable, these materials also help to ensure that your content has the perfect backdrop at exhibitions and events.

We upholster all of our folding display boards with a loop nylon fabric which is available in a selection of different colours. As well as being resistant to nicks and scuffs, this fabric has the added benefit of being able to accept Velcro, which means that your content can be secured as and when required without causing any lasting damage to the 4 panel folding display boards themselves.

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