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10 Folding Display Boards from Go DisplaysFor larger displays, the 10 Folding Display Boards are the best option for you. With over three metres of presenting space, the 10 Folding Display Boards also incorporate intuitive 360 degree hinges to make the unpacking and packing process completely simplified. The display boards come complete with a carry bag to make transporting to exhibitions, conferences, shopping centre displays and trade shows as easy as possible.

The 10 Folding Display Boards feature 10 panels and come complete with your choice of finish; loop nylon fabric, woven Event+ fabric or with your own printed design! The size of the 10 Panel Folding Display Boards makes them ideal for use when you have a large space to utilise or lots of material to display.

The lightweight core of the 10 Folding Display Boards combined with your choice of fabric makes the display boards perfect when you have multiple events to attend as not only are the 10 Folding Display Boards easy to carry, but you can change your presentation quickly and effectively every time. As we design the display boards with longevity in mind, we provide a guarantee of five years with all of the 10 Folding Display Boards against tearing and fraying of the fabric.

Event Display Boards are the ideal exhibition range.

10 Folding Display Boards

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Folding Display Boards

Why use a Folding Display Board?

For organisations with plenty to present, the Folding Display Boards provide a versatile solution which is simple to set up and pack away, and the display boards also make it easy for you to exhibit exactly how you want to. Got a conference at the weekend? We've got you covered, from the moment you place your order for the 10 Folding Display Boards we are committed to dispatching your display boards to you within three working days.

With all of our 10 Panel Folding Display Boards assembled in-house at our site in Peterborough, we guarantee high quality display boards to suit all of your presenting needs. During the designing of the display boards we ensure that every product is constructed with tough yet lightweight materials so your 10 Panel Folding Display Boards can withstand extensive use. We also fit these display boards with 360 degree hinges so they can adapt to any space you have available.

Looking to make your Folding Display Board stand out?

If you are looking to make an added impression with your 10 Folding Display Boards then we offer to provide display spotlights to illuminate your display boards. These display boards are the perfect way to draw more attention to your organisation at events, conferences, trade shows, shopping centre displays and education establishments

We offer two different materials available as part of the display boards to suit your specification. The Velcro friendly loop nylon fabric makes it simple to attach material to your Folding Display Boards using the Velcro dots provided. Alternatively, the Event+ fabric is pinnable if you require a sturdier solution for your 10 Panel Folding Display Boards and is available in a wider range of colours. When in development, we use a lightweight honeycomb core with all of our display boards which makes them ideal when you are travelling to various exhibitions.

Need help designing your Folding Display Boards?

If you want to make a statement with your display boards, then here at Go Displays our in-house Graphic Design team are available to help your Folding Display Boards to stand out. If you have an idea in mind, then our Graphics Team can help tailor your display boards to make the impact that you need. If you are struggling for a unique design, then we also offer a Graphic Design template service which is available with the 10 Folding Display Boards.

International Delivery Available