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Nova Acoustic Screens



The Nova Acoustic Office Partitions are a deluxe office screen selection and provide even more support in loud rooms and spaces. Layered with 2 layers of 12mm foam, the Nova Acoustic Office Partition has a 24mm foam covering both sides of the divider for maximum noise absorption. The acoustic foam used with the Nova Office Partitions is effective with low and high frequencies, ensuring as much energy as possible is absorbed.

Completed with a PVC edging, the Nova office partitions are a nonlinking screen but can still be used to create a custom configuration. Position the partitions next to each other and design a shape of acoustic screening to suit the available space.

The Nova acoustic office partitions are available as straight, wavetop and curved shapes. Use the different shapes to enhance the office, as each style can be used in conjunction with the other. Acoustic Desktop Dividers are available from the Nova range, welcoming targeted acoustic properties to in individual desk spaces.

Freestanding Nova Office Partitions are supplied with trip and wheelchair friendly stability feet, the raised profile ensures the screens can be positioned in any space, within any industry. As for the desktop dividers, the upgradable easy fix clamps tighten to the desktop with a simple screw attachment.

Standard and deluxe office partitions use varied fabrics to provide choices from soft and neutral to bright and bold. Select the combination of fabric colours to compliment current office designs and that will last for many years.

View the Nova Acoustic Office Partition assembly guide here