Panel and Pole Displays

Why buy a Large Panel & Pole Display Board from Go Displays?

Our large panel and pole display boards are designed to provide an impressive backdrop for your content. With the three designs of presentation board available, we aim to provide a number of options so you can pick the right display board for the environment you are going to be exhibiting in. We manufacture all of our products with high quality materials, therefore, the main difference between each stand is the thickness of the poles and choice of feet. From there, the customisation options are all yours to choose; from the fabric colour to the accessories required to enhance your content once it's on display.

The large panel and pole display boards are developed and designed to be lightweight and suitable for any scale display without sacrificing any of the portability. We offer carry cases that fit your panels, making transporting your display stands as simple as possible. Setting up the presentation boards provides many options to suit your material. The design of the pole allows you to set up the panel and pole display boards in a circular formation which is perfect for museums and art exhibitions.

By producing all of our large panel and pole display boards in-house at our premises in Peterborough, we can ensure all the display stands that we dispatch are made to specification. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products, which is why we offer a manufacturer's guarantee with all of our presentation boards and display boards.

International Delivery Available