Concept Acoustic Screens



The Concept Acoustic Partition Screens are an effective method when looking to decrease office noise and excessive distractions. Office distractions can be one of the main factors when concentration and productivity levels are low and can become damaging over time. To create a calmer and more productive space, reducing noise levels is a good place to start.

The Concept Acoustic Partition Screens are made of a 12mm acoustic foam covering a solid core, and finalized with a fabric of choice. A combination of acoustic foam and fabric make the perfect pairing when it comes to looking at noise control and creating a pleasant working environment.

What makes the Concept Acoustic Partition Screens unique is the multiple panel possibility per screen. Combine complimentary or contrasting fabric colours across 2 or 3 panels and create a custom acoustic divider to suit your office surrounds and blend in with your branding colours. For full branding opportunities, switch 1 panel for an acrylic finish which also accepts custom printing for logos and branding details.

The powder coated aluminium frame supports the inner core and results in a strong, long serving office partition. Available with a white, black or silver finish, the framework can be chosen to go with your choice of fabric colours. Completing the panel, you’ll receive matching stability feet and a linking strip to connect multiple partition screens together.

PDF assembly instructions for the Concept Acoustic Partition Screens can be found here