What Has Made Folding Display Boards Popular for So Long?

Display Boards as such have existed for nearly 100 years now. Descended down from the pinnable notice board, Folding Display Boards have evolved from being a popular addition in the home to a common sight in a wide variety of locations. Existing records suggest the pinnable version was first patented in 1924 in Topeka, Kansas. Since then this model has gone on to feature in countries across the globe. However, with modern technology where handy reminders and information are directly streamed to a handset in our pockets, how is it that Display Boards remain so effective and popular in the current day?


Continued Development:

Over the decades, Display Boards have adapted and improved to meet the needs of a dynamic landscape. Where technology has filled the void for notices and bulletins, the Display Boards have become more suitable for information not so readily available. The original iterations featured the corkboard aesthetic which became a common sight in homes and businesses to display information. However, today the corkboard has begun to fade. Where cheaper versions still retain this in the core, modern versions of Display Boards now feature an intuitive honeycomb core which ensures they are as lightweight as possible while being significantly more robust.

The introduction of this core has helped Display Boards to become mobile. This has made them staple additions to community centres and businesses where they serve as a hub for information and announcements. Furthermore, increasingly high quality metalwork and fabrics are used to create Display Boards. They’re designed to last rather than be replaced year on year.



Developing Display Boards to become mobile took them out of the home and on the move. Small businesses and traders began attending exhibitions and fairs, needing a way to advertise their brand. The major benefit of Folding Display Boards in this landscape is content can be changed and tailored for each event. The addition of the folding mechanism in new versions means that they can fold away like a book. Therefore they can be set up and transported easily. Even when not in use, this simple design ensures it can be neatly packed away and stored for future use.


Pinnable Vs Velcro-Friendly:

The most drastic development in recent years has been the preference for Velcro-friendly surfaces over pinnable cores. Being able to pin content to the Display Boards was originally intended as a simple option for securing the content. However it came with its own drawbacks, the fact that the panel needed to be bulkier to accept the pin. Additionally, content essentially had to be damaged in order to be applied. This is fine when the information is intended to be thrown away after it, but for artists and exhibitors looking to display their work, a pinnable display board simply was not viable.


Display Boards from Go Displays feature our Event fabric which is Velcro-friendly and is available in a wide spectrum of colours. We even throw in Velcro dots for free to get you started. These simply apply to the back of your content and then simply and securely attach to the board. The added benefit of this is that you are no longer constantly putting metal pins into the core. This enhances their longevity and applying information to it is significantly easier.


If you would like further information about the folding display boards that we manufacture, then please feel free to get in touch by calling 01733 232000 or send an e-mail over to [email protected] and one of our team members would be more than happy to provide you with advice.

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