Why are Multi-Functional Display Boards are so Useful?

For any organisation, being able to save money where possible means that your budget can be used elsewhere to improve other aspects of your business. When it comes to promoting your company, there are a myriad of options available but some will be more suited to your industry than others. For those looking to meet potential clients in person, getting the most from the exhibition stand means that it can be a challenge to decide which is most suitable for where you are attending. In general, some exhibition stands may only fit the theme of one event, however with Folding Display Boards, these can be re-used, modified and re-purposed to suit a variety of different settings.

Exhibition Stand:

Folding Display Boards have proven to be a trusted companion for traders travelling to different fairs, exhibitions and displays across the country. Rather than with a printed display which can limit your options, Folding Display Boards open up the avenue to customise your material for each event, allowing you to introduce different products and services to adapt to the audience which will be attending. The Event Display Board creates a professional and stylish back-drop for your content and provides it with a platform to grab the attention of potential clients.

One of the main benefits of Folding Display Boards in this space is the lightweight yet sturdy panels. This ensures that while they are sturdy and secure once set up, they are also easy to pack away and travel with you while attending different locations. This means that there is no need to worry about the amount of equipment which is going to accompany you as the Folding Display Boards neatly pack away into a snug carry bag.

Notice Board:

When you are not on the road, Folding Display Boards can also be utilised as a notice or bulletin board. Unlike fixed display boards which become permanent additions to the environment, Folding Display Boards can be set up absolutely anywhere such as in entrances and receptions. Having a notice board off to the side of the room is hardly going to draw people’s attention to the information, so introducing a Folding Display Board into a more focal position in the room is more likely to grab their eye.

While being a standalone display board can be a worry, the Event Folding Display Boards from Go Displays are manufactured using an innovative core which is compressed, creating remarkably sturdy panels while retaining the overall lightweight nature. Furthermore, by finishing the panels with Velcro-friendly fabric, this allows content to be applied effortlessly whilst avoiding using pins which tend to damage both your content and your display board over time.

Personalised to Suit You:

Just because folding display boards offer interchangeable content does not mean you have to miss out on the bespoke graphic design available with other exhibition stands. If you are looking to make a real statement, then it is possible to introduce printed posters which enjoy the same fantastic printing quality of permanent exhibitions stands, except you can adjust the content with new posters where appropriate.


When you are working in dynamic environments where your audience changes, then investing in multiple exhibition stands can really take over your budget. With the flexibility available with Folding Display Boards, it is possible to create a fantastic display with the added benefits that Velcro-friendly fabric brings. They are designed to be versatile, and this alone makes them a great companion for traders and vendors travelling to multiple exhibitions and trade shows across the country.


Event 8 Panel Display Kit with Headers
Source: https://www.go-displays.co.uk/acatalog/Event_Folding_Display_System_91J31.html

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