Our Winter Wonderland Display

It’s safe to say 2019 and has flown by, and to think we’re well on the way to 2020, is both scary and exciting. That being said with Christmas just around the corner, this has given us the perfect excuse to get creative with a brand new Winter Wonderland display for our showroom based in Peterborough.

With a recently revamped showroom it’s important that we showcase the products we can make on an everyday basis along with the bespoke and unique options. At Go Displays we are lucky to have a manufacturing team on site, so each product is made to order and gives us the scope to go above and beyond.

This year we wanted to go big on design, to deliver a display that screamed festive cheer and Christmas. As a team we went to the drawing board with different scenes, ideas and festive creations. The hard part was choosing the final displays to create a fantastic showroom display.

First things, first, the backdrop was selected. As with all the Christmas display, Xanita board will be used to create a completely eco friendly display. Using Xanita gives us another opportunity to exhibit how versatile eco-friendly displays can be and how they can set you apart at your next exhibition.

The backdrop is part of the Modulink range, designed as a 4m x 4m L shape stand using the eco-friendly fibreboard. The aim was to have a bold background to take the lead in the display and create a real focal point. The 4m x 4m stand shows a white winter wonderland, with trees, snow and twinkling lights to create the perfect winter scene for our 2019 display.

Xanita eco friendly winter scene

A woodland isn’t complete without trees and it had to be a Christmas tree with tinsel, snow and some festive pinecones. Adding the fully dressed Christmas tree really set the scene off and brought an array of colours and features that every winter theme should have. We loved them that much, we printed 2 more!

Presents, presents and more presents. It’s not December unless you have a few gifts and wrapping paper about. The gifts use 4.5mm card and no laminate was needed to make these presents stand out. With over 15 boxes printed, we had enough to decorate and fill Santa’s sleigh.

Eco-friendly christmas tree and presents

Reindeers are a must; the sleigh must be pulled somehow! A deer wearing the traditional red nose has taken the lead as the larger animal, with a smaller deer by its side. It was crucial that we had a design that wasn’t just 2D, so our designer created a design from scratch for our incredibly cute deer’s and it worked a treat.

Whilst the backdrop is a focal point, the real centre piece is the Santa’s sleigh. Made big enough to fill full of presents and decorations, it’s safe to say we’ve taken this Christmas experience to the max. Teamed with warm colours of gold and red, the sleigh is everything we hoped for and the Xanita board really excelled itself.

For the finishing touches, snowflakes had to be incorporated to bring the cold winter display together. Made with 4.5mm cardboard, the range of snowflakes sizes were cut and hung over head with invisible wire to give the floating affect.

All of our artwork was created with our expert in house design team, with their touch of creative magic, the full Xanita display has been brought to life with an incredible outcome. Along with the help of our drawing department, 2019 has ended on a massive high and our showroom has been transformed for the winter season.

Eco friendly sleigh made out of fibre board

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