Do Marketing Email Titles Really Matter?

It’s a big part of every business, sending daily, weekly or fortnightly marketing emails. Each email gives you the opportunity to get creative, promote your new products and services or allows you to keep in touch with newsletters.

The content of your email is important, it needs to grip and intrigue your readers. Enough that they make it through the email and click on your products with legitimate interest.

Just hold that thought. Before we can even consider the internal content, will the receiver open the email? If the email isn’t opened the content is irrelevant. Therefore, your well written and structured email won’t be appreciated.

This begs the question – do your marketing email titles really matter? I certainly think so.

Different companies and organisations will approach the email content and title in a multitude of ways. Each one having a different audience, in a different sector, where their readers have different expectations.

This means that quite possibly one size does not fit all, and there isn’t just one rule of thumb but there are a few things to remember when choosing your title.

Using Clickbait

Perfect, you’ve grabbed their attention with a clickbait title. They open the email and its off topic and to be quite honest they’re not even interested. This doesn’t really count as an achievement as you haven’t gained anything from it.

Clickbait for Youtube, emails or online articles isn’t a great idea. Yes, you might receive a high email open rate, but you want much more from it than that. Not only will it leave your reader disappointed, it’s possible the trust can be lost too.

Trust between you and the consumer is important and priceless.


This might sound slightly vague but play it by ear. Emoji’s are dependant on the feel and topic of your email. I’m not saying load them up or to use them through the complete email. But from time to time there is most definitely a place for them.

Adding an emoji, in an appropriate way within a title is a subtle way to connect with the receiver. Each email won’t be the same, so it enables you to show a fun and modern side as and when you need.

Whilst some people don’t agree with emoji’s, try it for yourself and monitor the result.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Buy it now, shop now, get it while you can – they all seem a bit too obvious, don’t they? Believe in your product and let it do the talking.

It’s great to let your new and existing customers know about upcoming products, products of the week and popular services. These topics give you a purpose to create an email and give your customers a gentle reminder of what you have going on and how you can benefit them.

It goes without saying, if you have something they want, they will be in touch. The marketing email doesn’t need to be sent in a pushy style. Send it as a matter of fact, this is what we have, this is doing well and we are here if you need assistance.

Leaving the purchase in your customers hands whilst knowing you are more than happy to help.



Marketing emails can be a powerful tool to connect and interact with your customers. You can be creative, relevant and inspiring all whilst building your brand and creating new sales.

Don’t be afraid to try new formats, this shows your readers you can create new content with a refreshing outlook. This also keeps them eagerly waiting for your scheduled emails to reach their inbox, as they embark on another interest email.

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