How to Boost Your Exhibition Space

Each exhibitor will have the same mindset, how do I stand out and what do I need in order to do this? Thinking outside of the box and adding small finishing touches are the ideal ways to boost your exhibition space.

Finishing touches are called that for a reason, they allow you to add personality and gives the opportunity to bring the complete design together, in a way that is specific to you.

Your display might stand out, but is it missing that special something to really set it off? A small accessory, a custom printed product or lighting – whatever the outcome, we’ve got 5 ways in which you can boost your exhibition space and reach out to your audience.



It’s seen more and more, we are bringing technology into most of what we do and it seems to be a hit. Whether you have a small or large space, you’ll always have the room to bring in a tablet or iPad. Having a tablet to hand acts as a useful tool to efficiently take down customer information or allow them to input this themselves.

Alternatively, to a tablet you might have the resource and budget to use a TV monitor. With a larger screen you then have the right source to play adverts, how to video’s and any demo’s you may have for your product or service.


Light Displays

Just when you think exhibition displays can’t get any better! A light box display offers a mix of printed displays with a back lit stand to really illuminate the graphics from within. Generally, your artwork will be printed on to a stretch fabric panel, which then fits on to a stylish silver or aluminium frame.

If you have a dark stand or smaller space, adding a light box as part of your stand design can offer fantastic lighting whilst promoting your business and getting your brand message to potential clients.


Not Your Average Accessories

Accessories can really set you apart and can be the reason you are remembered and stick clearly into a visitor’s mind. With a wide and varied range of accessories to choose from you might not know where to start.

We suggest going green! Don’t let the word green, recyclable or cardboard put you off. Strong fibreboard materials can be used to create a bespoke design that can really be out of this world.

Designing your accessory from scratch and having a completely bespoke product is attractive to others. Plus, the fact you can recycle or reuse is a great advantage.


Stand Furniture

Modern, inflatable or custom branded, the ball is in your court. If you are adding seating and tables to your stand design, you will choose a pairing to match with your overall stand. A modern high bar stool and table creates a professional and sleek finish, whilst adding printed inflatables add a sense of fun and uniqueness, which will leave your guests talking for months to come.

With your design coming together, you will be able to stand back and admire the finished product. Small tweaks can make all the difference and are definitely worth the investment to use for shows in the near future.


Printed Deck Chair, Inflatable seating, Rockport Counter and LED Light Box
A range of printed displays from go-displays

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