Optimise Your Exhibition Experience with Custom Made Display Stands

What is Possible with Custom Made Display Stands?

Picking out the right display stand for your exhibition or trade show can become a nightmare. With various styles available, a strict budget to adhere to and an expectation to see a return on your investment, finding the right balance is not straightforward. Every situation is unique, so it’s important to balance the context of your own business to find the perfect display. Custom made display stands represent the higher end of the market, with creative designs and innovative styles which often provide the foundations for many large exhibitors. However, the fact that these are custom built means there is a huge amount of variety on offer. It’s important not to get burned by spiralling productions costs.

Primarily, custom made display stands come in three different forms; modular display stands, custom pop-up stands and bespoke banner stands. Modular stands are often built around an aluminium framework, with various different elements that are individually tailored towards the client’s specifications. Alternatively, pop-up stands enable the creation of spectacular backdrops which have the added benefit of being incredibly easy to use; ideal for smaller teams. Finally, there are bespoke banner stands which are somewhat new to the market. Often these are used to compliment larger marketing strategies but they are equally adept when being used as a standalone.


Why Being Unique Helps Your Display Stand to Thrive

Whether you are planning for your first exhibition or your thousandth, there is one factor which always remains the same; at every event you will be surrounded by competitors. Behind all the fancy marketing campaigns and exuberant personalities is the sole reason why exhibitions exist – to do business. It’s idealistic to think that simply being in attendance will be enough to woo potential clients towards you. In fact, many of your competitors will be spending thousands simply to get their foot in the door. Having a display which is bland, a team which is bored, uninterested and with no clear and coherent strategy is decent start towards having a disappointing trade show.

With so many businesses both large and small attending events such as these across the country, it is more important than ever to create a unique display stand which is going to stand out against the competition. Aside from bespoke graphic design, custom made display stands provide the opportunity to achieve this. When you are assigned with your pitch in the exhibition hall, often you are provided with a compact little square surrounded by hundreds of others.  Being creative and being true to your brand are crucial components for creating a display stand which grabs the attention of visitors.


Make It Adaptable to Make Your Budget Go Further

One of the notorious setbacks of custom made display stands has been their static nature. This is why they often gain the image of being abandoned at the end of trade shows. Depending on the design, this can certainly end up being the case. This is why it’s important to start looking ahead towards the future before you invest in your first exhibition stand. Custom pop up stands in particular can be manufactured with a flexible design. This allows them to adapt to various spaces and most importantly, to different events. Modular display stands can be incredible marketing tools. But considering they may only be used for one or two events, it is well worth considering whether the significant initial outlay will be worth your investment later on.

Whether you have a creative mind or you simply have been taking inspiration from others, opting for custom made display stands allows you to experiment with the design and create something which will be memorable for the people you speak with. Rather than as backdrops, custom display stands can be manufactured as cubes, curves, cylinders and pretty much any shape you can imagine. The designs which you’re most likely to see a return on are those which can be adapted. This allows you to fill and enhance any space. The Streamline exhibition stand is one example of this. It can be designed with up to eight metres worth of panels, and reduced to just one for another event.


Acquiring the Optimum ROI When Attending Exhibitions

When looking for Custom Made Display Stands, the most important aspect to keep a track of is your budget and whether the incredible exhibition stand that you visualised will be worth it long term. Manufacturers can do some incredible things nowadays. But the more exuberant the design, the more it is going to dent your budget. Just because it is important to be unique does not mean you need to throw everything towards the display stand. Opting for something which is adaptable will go a long way to saving you money in the future, but ensure beforehand that it will provide a professional finish without some of the other components.

When planning for exhibitions, the display stand should be one of your top priorities. It’s something that has to be completed months in advance. Manufacturing times can vary drastically. It’s important to analyse all the options to find one which suits your business. So conduct enquiries, establish which style will be right for the vision you are aiming for and then begin working with the manufacturer to develop the perfect design.


At Go Displays, we create custom made display stands which are tailored for everyone. This means incorporating a design which is easy to use and can be managed by even the smallest of teams. Many of the options are available online. Alternatively you can speak with one of our advisors who can provide further information. To do, please call 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to [email protected]


Custom Made Display Stands


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