Why Custom Made Display Stands Will Improve Your Exhibition Experience

Unlocking Potential with Unique Displays Stands

Many experts talk about exhibitions in this mystic type of prose as though there is some kind of secret behind what makes an exhibition stand successful. This is true to an extent, but this is not to say that the potential cannot be accessed by a relative newbie to the scene. Successful exhibition stands are ultimately forged through years of experience, attending hundreds or even thousands of events. Their exhibitors have often refined their technique through breakfast, lunch and evening meetings. Schmoozing with the hardest to the softest personalities. However, making an exhibition a success starts with a solid foundation.

A great exhibition experience begins with the fundamentals – the exhibition stand. We’ve written a lot about the intricacies of exhibitions and the tactics you can employ to set yourself up for success. However the core point still remains; an eye-catching exhibition stand will help provide the edge you require to stay ahead of the competition. The reason behind this is because the exhibition stand provides a potential client with their first impression of your business. No matter how quickly you try to grab them, the first thing forming their opinion will be the stand. How it is designed, what information it gives away and what that tells them of what they can expect.


Flexibility is Key

One of the reasons why an increasing number of businesses are opting for custom made display stands is their versatility and how they are likelier to deliver a ROI for the business. This is because a well-designed version will be able to adapt to different environments. You should be able to maximise its effectiveness in any given space. For example, the size and location of the stall will change from event to event. For some, you may be surrounded by competitors. For others you may be placed on the end of the block. Regardless, the custom made display stand needs to be able to be moved and adjusted to ensure that your key information is the first thing that a potential client sees when your exhibition stand comes into view.

Manning an exhibition stand and luring in potential clients is likle fishing to an extent. You need to attract and then lure them in first. In this sense, the custom made display stand acts as a bait, the tool which grabs their attention. The next step is finding a way to lure them in without literally tying them up and pulling them in with string. Custom made display stands can be tailored to incorporate these elements. Whether you are looking towards a monitor for a visual representation or a promotional counter for a demonstration. Flexibility is key in this situation also. Your lure needs to be in a prime position in order to entice the potential client to speak with you.


Work with The Space You Are Given

Custom made display stands should be created with a foresight into what exhibitions you may attend in the future. Where they can truly excel over contemporary display stands is their ability to adapt to various spaces. Rather than a set size, custom made display stands often incorporate a variety of different elements. These can be moved, rotated or completely removed to ensure that your exhibition stand is as effective as possible. One ideal example of this is the Streamline exhibition stand. Unlike any other display on the market, this stand is split up into metre long sections. This can start out at 4 metres for the major show of the year, but when you are attending smaller events and only need 3 metres, one of the panels can be removed to ensure it fits.

This is just one of the ways in which custom made display stands are being designed with the client’s need to adapt in mind. Traditionally, many businesses may go all out with a budget with a single stand which is tailored for one event. This represented a waste both financially, but also the cost to the environment was significant. Instead, they now have adaptable and flexible elements. This allows the business to make a considerable impact at multiple events throughout the year.


Making The Exhibition Experience Easier

One of the main reasons why exhibition stands became known for being a ‘use once then throw away’ tool is because of the logistics behind transporting and setting up such a stand. Originally they were created from sheets of metal and wood that required large teams simply to set them up in the hall. But marketing has diversified over time. And the means in which to promote products and services has developed. This has seen the number of people involved in these teams to drop. The result is that the exhibition stand industry has adapted to changing needs in order to meet a client’s demands.

This is why many modern day custom made display stands are manufactured using innovative materials such as aluminium. It combines being lightweight and sturdy together into one material. Integrate this with intuitive stand designs and this allows the stand to be compacted into just a few storage cases, ensuring they are easy to manage in teams of three or four people. Not only does this make the experience easier for all involved, but it takes the stress away of logistics. This allows your team to fully focus on engaging with potential new clients.


At Go Displays, we have specialised in designing, manufacturing and printing custom made display stands for businesses from a wide range of industries. From small teams to large ones, we have developed extensive experience in tailoring exhibition stands to suit the needs of their clients. You can explore some of the options we provide on our site, or alternatively you can get in touch with our advisors by calling 01733 232000 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


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